This project aims to make Purr Data run in a web browser by adding a WebAssembly target and HTML5 GUI framework.

Purr Data a.k.a. Pd-l2ork 2 is an improved version of Miller Puckette’s Pd.

Pd (Pure Data) is a graphical data-flow programming environment which is geared towards real-time interactive computer music and multimedia applications. It is a full-featured open-source alternative to its commercial sibling, Cycling74’s Max.

Purr Data serves the same purpose, but offers a new and much improved graphical user interface and includes many 3rd party plug-ins. Like Pd, it runs on Linux, macOS and Windows, and is open-source throughout.

The goal of this project is to make the Purr Data run in a web browser so it can be more accessible to users and make their work more easily shared with other people.





  • Jonathan Wilkes
  • Matt Barber