Elytron is an open-source, standalone library made with the purpose to provide a single, unified security solution across the whole Wildfly application server, which earlier was using two separate security solutions, one based on JAAS for application and other based on SASL for management. While developing Elytron the idea was to provide a better and stronger authentication and build something that does more than just unifying the security solution. Intrusion Detection using Elytron is aimed at doing the same i.e. to extend Elytron’s functionality. Intrusion Detection is the art of sensing when a system or network is being used inappropriately or without authorization. Without intrusion detection, an attacker can attempt attacks many times until an attack is finally successful. Intrusion detection allows for these attacks to be identified before a successful attack is likely to occur. The purpose of this project is to implement an Intrusion Detection system that detects suspicious activity or a potential attack and report it to the administrator.



Piyush Palta


  • Darran Lofthouse
  • Farah Juma