Currently, the Rocket.Chat.Electron desktop application has a wide range of useful features but I chose the project “Download Manager on Desktop App” because it would take the application even further and greatly improve user experience. On the web, we are comfortable with using the download managers built into our browsers which makes a download manager inside the web app a bit redundant. But this feature becomes desirable when we are using the desktop app.This improves the experience of the user in many ways, a few of which are briefly mentioned below:

  1. Track downloads made through the app.
  2. Track download progress of files.
  3. Search and filter for downloaded files based on the server that they are downloaded from as well as other attributes.
  4. Pause, restart or cancel downloads.
  5. Re-download cancelled or broken downloads.



Taimur Azhar


  • Tasso Evangelista
  • Guilherme Gazzo
  • Gabriel Henriques