Android SDK Tools for Debian
    Organization: Debian
    The main aim of the project will be to have the entire Android tool chain and SDK in Debian making Debian a Powerful Operating System and making...
  • Raman Sarda

    Android SDK tools in Debian
    Organization: Debian
    The end goal of the project is making the entire Android toolchain and SDK tools available in debian archives. So that a user can develop android...
  • samyak-jn

    Android SDK Tools in Debian
    Organization: Debian
    The Android platform is free software which includes the tools used for developing apps for Android. As Debian and its derivatives are a preferred...
  • DinosaurierRex

    Android: Separate and modularize interpreter and IDE in Pocket Code (refactoring)
    Organization: Catrobat
    Modularize Pocket Code so that we end up with one separate module for each the IDE and the Interpreter. In Pocket Code the IDE is seen as the...
  • Karan Singh

    Angular WPS Client library
    Organization: 52° North GmbH
    Develop a full-fledged Typescript based Web Processing Service (WPS) library, which will implement all features defined by OGC WPS Interface...
  • Shashank Jarial

    Animated icons and icon customisation
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    EOS-icons deliver a set of icons in an iconic font and also provides a few animated icons. For developers working on products like plugins or...
  • lazycipher

    Animated interactive ggplots
    Organization: R Project for Statistical Computing
    The goal of this GSOC project is to implement new features for animint2 in order to make it possible to do more kinds of interactive data...
  • Priti Chattopadhyay

    Annotating Google Gson Library
    Organization: Checker Framework
    Checker framework is a great lightweight tool which could easily type check code having a dependency on a library if the library has already been...
  • Chanakya Ekbote

    Anomaly Detection of the CoreDNS Server through Machine Learning
    Organization: Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)
    This project aims to try and detect anomalies that occur in a CoreDNS server using a machine learning model developed in Keras. This project would...
  • Nick Mancuso

    ANTLR grammar for Java 14 features
    Organization: Checkstyle
    While Java 12, 13 and 14 brought some much-anticipated features, Checkstyle users have had to ignore warnings about this code since we don’t support...
  • Aditya Bisoi

    Aossie Scholar Extension
    Organization: AOSSIE
    Aossie Scholar is a powerful tool to predict a researcher/scholar's performance. It uses data from Google Scholar to calculate more efficient and...
  • Juan Segarra

    Apache Camel - OAI-PMH Component
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    This proposal aims to implement an OAI-PMH component for Apache Camel. OAI-PMH is a protocol widely used in libraries and digital repositories across...
  • Rumesh Perera

    Apache Gora - Implement RethinkDB datastore module
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    RethinkDB is a popular implementation for document store which is being used extensively in modern real time applications. Detailed technical...
  • Shivamani Patil

    App Store improvements
    Organization: The ns-3 Network Simulator Project
    Project aims to develop a CI/CD server and add necessary updates to ns-3 AppStore to check if apps/modules available in AppStore build and pass test...
  • He Yang

    Application manager RAPPS
    Organization: ReactOS
    Application manager RAPPS RAPPS is a lightweight GUI utility which downloads and installs various popular apps and redistributable packages in...
  • Kartik Dutt

    Application of ANN Algorithms Implemented in mlpack.
    Organization: mlpack
    Over the course of the last couple of years, Computer Vision has played a crucial role in the field of Deep Learning. Object detection is one of the...
  • Ritwiz Sinha

    Apps-CLI: Hot reload apps during development
    Organization: Rocket.Chat
    The project aims to improve/add the functionality of hot reloading during development, creation of templates for repeated code on the user end, and...
  • Kevin Wu

    Architecture Cross-Grading Support in Debian
    Organization: Debian
    The project aims to create tools that will simplify the manual process of switching between two architectures (crossgrading) and to make it a...
  • Otávio Oliveira

    Arduino Controller for Liquid Galaxy
    Organization: Liquid Galaxy project
    The idea of ​​the project is to develop an Arduino controller for Liquid Galaxy, following the ideas already developed, integrating them into a...
  • Ashutosh Pandey

    Arduino to MicroPython Transcompiler
    Organization: Arduino
    The Arduino ecosystem has 2700+ libraries written in the ‘Arduino dialect’ of C++. For Micropython to become popular on Arduino it is required that: ...
  • Ali Ariff

    ARM Support
    Organization: Linkerd
    This project goal is to make Linkerd officially support ARM architecture
  • Anirban Chetia

    Asymptotic complexity testing framework/package
    Organization: R Project for Statistical Computing
    R package developers currently use ad-hoc tests of asymptotic computational complexity via empirical timings of functions and visual diagnostic...
  • Vedaa

    Audio Filters in VLC
    Organization: VideoLAN
    This project aims to add audio upmixing filters in VLC.
  • Ashutosh Pradhan

    Audio Tones Source Filter
    Organization: FFmpeg
    The aim of this project is to create an audio tones source filter that generates music algorithmically. The filter uses Fluidsynth API and gives the...
  • Clara Moraes Dantas

    Authentication, Admin/Org Settings and User Settings
    Organization: Zulip
    Work on backend and frontend of the areas Authentication, Settings(admin/org) and Settings(user), focusing on solving high priority and enhancement...
  • Salman Khan

    Automated comparison of scientific methods for time-series analysis
    Organization: INCF
    Time series analysis methods are regularly being developed and we don’t have any resource at present that compares the newly developed method with...
  • Heshan Geasman

    Automated deployments and testing for installer.to
    Organization: SCoRe Lab
    Installer.to is a way of installing software on Linux, MacOS machines simply using cURL. Installer.to maintains a repository of publicly available...
  • Giuliano Belinassi

    Automatic Detection of Parallel Compilation Viability
    Organization: GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
    In this project, we aim to detect whether compiling a file in parallel can improve the compilation performance. If so, then we proceed the...
  • Ashik Meerankutty

    Automatic Documentation System for Typescript Components
    Organization: Elastic
    A better automatic system for documenting EUI TypeScript components that extract the acceptable values for each prop on the API. This would be done...
  • Kislay Kunal Singh

    Automatic labelling of Radiology Images
    Organization: LibreHealth
    A web app that does automatic labeling of radiology images. The backend is in Django and tensorflow-serving whereas the frontend is in Reactjs. The...
  • Łukasz Fiszer

    Automatic mass calibration support and High-resolution deisotoping
    Organization: MZmine
    Mass spectrometry is an important analytical technique that allows to determine molecular composition of samples by obtaining mass spectra of ionized...
  • Moonshroom

    Automatic update of the C3G software stack catalog
    Organization: Canadian Centre for Computational Genomics
    GenPipes is an important tool by C3G. GenPipes contains a suite of different software. The software contained in the suite is continuously updated...
  • Yashwant Singh Parihar

    Automatically-Generated R Bindings
    Organization: mlpack
    R is a programming language with a design focused on simplicity, effectiveness and performance, that is widely used in all kind of projects. With...
  • Ansh Puvvada

    Organization: Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation
    The goal of the project is to automate and augment the verification of the custom FPGA and the bitstream with Cocotb, an open-source framework for...
  • Tompsci

    AV1 statistics extraction with dav1d
    Organization: VideoLAN
    Currently development of rav1e and other AV1 encoders use open source AV1 analysis tools to extract metadata which is produced at decode time. This...
  • Yash Punia

    Awesome Demo Game Project - Batroid
    Organization: Catrobat
    Batriod - A Pocket Code Game Batroid is a 2D side scrolling action/adventure game where the main character Batrix has to fight an evil species to...
  • Anish Biswas

    Awkward Array GPU Kernels
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    The goal of this project is to add a GPU backend to Awkward Array 1.x. With such a backend, the library would have a unique capability of processing...
  • MetalDent

    AXIOM Remote
    Organization: apertus° Association
    Bootloader improvement and extension
  • Sidharth Bansal-1

    Baseline Images Problem
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    This is a proposal to help with the difficulty in adding/modifying tests which require a baseline image. The idea is to actually not store baseline...
  • Sashmita Raghav

    Basic Subtitling Support in Kdenlive
    Organization: KDE Community
    Videos in Kdenlive are edited by applying filters or effects, however, the application is largely limited in its ability to customize and edit...
  • José F Lorenzo-Hernández

    Battery Bench: Bring battery testing back to the future
    Organization: GNOME
    One thing we want to do for the next versions of GNOME and Fedora is to improve battery performance. Your laptop may well be advertised by the...
  • Rahul Chauhan

    bddashboard: Interactive Biodiversity Data Dashboard
    Organization: R Project for Statistical Computing
    The bdverse is a family of R packages that allow users to conveniently employ R, for biodiversity data exploration, quality assessment (QA), data...
  • Niteesh Babu G. S.

    Beagle BSP: Add a flattened device tree based initialization
    Organization: RTEMS Project
    This project aims to improve the Beaglebone Board Support Package (BSP) in RTEMS by adding a Flattened Device Tree (FDT) based driver initialization....
  • John Mora

    BeamSQL aggregation analytics functionality
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    This project aims to add support for aggregation analytics functions (a.k.a window functions) to the SQLBeam module of the Apache Beam project. The...
  • Apurva Nandan

    Benchmark NetBSD
    Organization: The NetBSD Foundation
    Integrate the Phoronix Test Suite (PTS) with NetBSD by porting the available test profiles & suites, in order to automate and web-host the regression...
  • ManviAgarwal

    Benchmarking modern SNN training algorithms on GeNN
    Organization: INCF
    In this proposal, I outline how I plan to implement and benchmark five learning rules - reward-modulated STDP, triplet STDP, compeititve STDP,...
  • Alexander Galarraga

    Berkovich Project Line
    Organization: SageMath
    The goal of this project is to implement the Berkovich projective line in Sage, along with dynamical systems acting the Berkovich projective line. If...
  • Dilson Guimarães

    Better Graph Layout for the Graph Theory IDE
    Organization: KDE Community
    The main goal of this project is to improve the graph visualization capabilities of Rocs, a Graph Theory IDE for experimenting with graphs and graph...
  • Yoshio Kato

    Better SIFT in the main repository
    Organization: OpenCV
    The patent on one of the most popular feature detection algorithm, SIFT, expired on 2020/03/06. So, we can move the implementation from the...
  • Akarsh Goyal

    Better solvers for SLOPE package
    Organization: R Project for Statistical Computing
    SLOPE package offers implementations that solve the Sorted L-One Penalized Estimation (SLOPE) model for various objective functions. However when...
  • Ajit Jadhav

    Bibliography management and display
    Organization: Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI)
    CDLI is moving away from its older flat database and for the occasion has designed a full model for bibliographic data management. This challenge...
  • Apoorva Arora

    Bidirectional Packet Protocol for FPGA Communication
    Organization: apertus° Association
    Apertus-Axiom Beta utilizes two Lattice MachXO2s to expand the IOs interfaces for the main processing unit (ZYNQ-SoC). The channel comprises two LVDS...
  • Zongyu Zhang

    Big Data Infrastructure by Gentoo
    Organization: Gentoo Foundation
    The big data infrastructures depend heavily on the Java virtual machine ecosystem. Although Java software packaging is quite simple and...
  • Junyu Xian

    Organization: Mozilla
    The goal of this project is to offer a faithful rewrite of bikeshed, a tool used for generating many standards, in Rust.
  • Shashwat Goel

    Bilingual Dictionary Discovery via Graph Exploration
    Organization: Apertium
    A crucial step in developing a language pair is writing its bilingual dictionary, which maps a lemma X in language A to a lemma Y in language B if X...
  • Rebecca Schmidt

    BIM Import for IndoorHelper Plugin
    Organization: OpenStreetMap
    The idea of this project is to extend the existing JOSM Plugin "indoorHelper" by an import feature for Building Information Modelling (BIM) files....
  • Claudia Nuñez Penichet

    Biological Survey Planning Considering Hutchinson’s Duality
    Organization: R Project for Statistical Computing
    One of the challenges in biodiversity conservation is to complete an inventory of existing species in the world. Although various developed countries...
  • ktksan

    Biome-specific Content Enhancements for Terasology
    Organization: The Terasology Foundation
    Currently in Terasology, changing biomes only serve as a change in background of the game.This project aims to change this and give some of these...
  • Mohd Tahir

    Bitrate switch for inputstream.adaptive binary addon for Kodi
    Organization: Kodi Foundation
    Inputstream.adaptive is written in C++ and handles 3 bitstreams: HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) Smooth...
  • Mo Zhou

    BLAS/LAPACK Ecosystem Enhancement for Debian
    Organization: Debian
    Abstract Dense (numerical) Linear Algebra plays an important role in scientific computing, and is typically implemented by the BLAS/LAPACK libraries....
  • Ahmad Ganzouri

    Blurry Shadows
    Organization: LibreOffice
    In LibreOffice the shadows are just a copy of the object. Currently, users can enable the shadow for the object, change its color, its angle,...
  • Arthur Lui

    BNP Benchmarks and Feature Comparisons for Turing and Other PPLs
    Organization: The Julia Language
    Probabilistic models, which more naturally quantify uncertainty when compared to their deterministic counterparts, are often difficult and tedious to...
  • Giacomo Cignoni

    BookReader E2E testing and improvements
    Organization: Internet Archive
    The scope of this project is to improve the BookReader framework in two ways.: The first one is implementing a series of comprehensive end to end...
  • Gopi Krishna Menon

    boost.astronomy.Flexible_Image_Transport_System( FITS Module )
    Organization: Boost C++
    This project involves building a External High Level API and certain enhancements around the existing Flexible Image Transport System library (...
  • Syed Ali Hasan

    Boost.Astronomy: Coordinate Transformation/Conversion
    Organization: Boost C++
    Development of a generic and dynamic system for interconversion of the already implemented coordinate systems.
  • Vikram Singh Chundawat

    Organization: Boost C++
    Boost.Real aims to provide a data-type that can represent all types of computable real numbers and provides the flexibility of performing arbitrary...
  • Ashar Khan

    Boost.uBLAS: Stabilizing, Improving and C++20-ification
    Organization: Boost C++
    This proposal aims at three major things, improving the uBLAS interfaces that were added in GSOC 2019 work, stabilizing and enhancing the unit...
  • Maya Treacy

    Organization: AnitaB.org Open Source
    BridgeInTech is an application that is aimed to bring closer the tech skills gap that exist in the IT industry. The idea comes from the existing...
  • Kishan Shukla

    Bringing Boost.Real to review-ready state
    Organization: Boost C++
    I propose to add new mathematical functions and operators to the Boost.Real library. Apart from new additions, I'll optimize few algorithms and...
  • Preet Mishra

    Bringing Zulip Terminal’s Experience Closer to the Web App
    Organization: Zulip
    Zulip Terminal (zulip-term) is a TUI based Zulip’s client. It targets a niche group of users who like to work primarily from their terminal. For the...
  • Tadashi Saito

    Brush up RBS and related tools for practical Rails apps
    Organization: Ruby
    RBS, a type annotation language and tool for Ruby, is about to be bundled with Ruby 3.0. Gradual typing with RBS allows Rubyists to enjoy the...
  • Mritunjay Sharma

    BSP Buildset for EPICS
    Organization: RTEMS Project
    The development of the freely available, open-source, RTEMS, solved one of the biggest obstacles that beamline researchers used to face in buying...
  • Anand Prakash

    BTF (Best Trace Format) generation on RTFParallella (Real Time Framework Parallella)
    Organization: Eclipse Foundation
    Tracing is an elegant and efficient way of obtaining runtime information on a system. Advanced scheduling concepts are used in multicore processor...
  • Lakindu Akash

    Bug Zero gateway
    Organization: SCoRe Lab
    For bug bounty programs such as Bug Zero, organizations may need to expose their vulnerable systems securely only specific Hackers and monitor their...
  • Rahul Badami

    Organization: OWASP Foundation
  • Kostas Andriopoulos

    Build a UI to Deploy Managed Tensorboard Instances with Support for PVCs
    Organization: Kubeflow
    Many Data Scientists have their data saved in a PersistentVolumeClaim accessed by their Notebooks. So it would be helpful and greatly improve...
  • Siddharth Sen

    Build Agora-Web iOS App
    Organization: AOSSIE
    The project involves building a native iOS application for the Agora Web application from scratch. It allows for democratic elections to be held by...
  • Subham Pramanik

    Build GSMA Mobile Money API Connector for Mifos Payment Hub
    Organization: The Mifos Initiative
    As part of our DIAL-funded project to integrate Mifos with the open source Mojaloop payments platform the team from DPC consulting built out a...
  • bistaastha

    Build Workflow process for CHAOSS D&I Badging Project
    Organization: CHAOSS
    CHAOSS Diversity and Inclusion Badging program aims to encourage projects and events to obtain badges for good diversity and inclusion practices....
  • Shubham Awasthi

    Build-integration and Badges for Hackage
    Organization: Haskell.org
    Hackage have a dedicated Builder application which builds the package, documentation and report same to the hackage server. While this information...
  • K Pranath Reddy

    Building a Python-based framework for Unsupervised Deep Learning applications in strong lensing cosmology
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    Gravitational lensing has been a cornerstone in many cosmology experiments, and studies since it was discussed in Einstein’s calculations back in...
  • Azhar Ahamed

    Building A Standalone Scanner to enhance Risk Assessment Framework
    Organization: OWASP Foundation
    Building a Standalone Scanner for RAF to detect OWASP TOP 10 Vulnerabilities and building a plugin for IDE’s

    Building an efficient Test Suite and Improving the Zulip Desktop App (Electron)
    Organization: Zulip
    My primary objective of this project would be building an efficient electron test suite (e2e and karma unit tests), Revamping the UI including some...
  • Alexander Fischer

    Building an injectable IoC centric, small and lightweight HTTP server and making it runnable as a native executable [Jira: OWB-1319]
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection) is an IoC (Inversion of Control) container, that is implemented in Apache OWB (OpenWebBeans). Even though...
  • Hitonari Sato

    Building functional and performant DataTable for WormBase
    Organization: Open Genome Informatics
    WormBase is a comprehensive research knowledge base on the genetics, genomics and biology of C. elegans and related nematodes. Biologists access...
  • lukelau

    Building the Haskell Language Server and more
    Organization: Haskell.org
    After a busy couple of days at the Bristol Hackathon, the developers behind ghcide and haskell-ide-engine merged efforts resulting in an exciting...
  • Karthik Iyer

    C++ and Python operators for time ranges, and C & Java language bindings
    Organization: Academy Software Foundation (ASWF)
    OpenTimelineIO is an interchange format and API for editorial cut information. OTIO includes opentime, a library for dealing with time. In order to...
  • Nayananga Muhandiram

    CAMEL-13934 camel-minio - Component to store/load files from blob store
    Organization: The Apache Software Foundation
    I have decided to select the project, camel-minio - Component to store/load files from blob store(https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/CAMEL-13934)...
  • Archit Roychoudhury

    Cancer Region of Interest Extraction and Extending Features
    Organization: caMicroscope
    At present caMicroscope has many features like marking up images, running machine learning models on individual images, getting the predictions and...
  • Deepak Khatri

    Cape compatibility layer for BeagleBone Black and BeagleBone AI.
    Organization: BeagleBoard.org
    The idea of this project is to make the same user space examples work with both BeagleBone Black and BeagleBone AI, using the same references to...
  • Shubh Gupta

    Capsicumization of the base system
    Organization: FreeBSD Project
    A sandbox is a protection framework in computer security for separating running programs, typically in an attempt to prevent system failures or...
  • Rahul Jain

    CarbonFootprint API
    Organization: AOSSIE
    This project aims to have a universal API to find carbon footprint of almost anything.
  • Jeroen De Maeyer

    Cartesian motion planning with constraints in MoveIt
    Organization: MoveIt
    Many industrial robot applications specify a Cartesian end-effector path, that could be under-constrained. The MoveIt’s RobotState function,...

    Organization: Casbin
    The main aim of the project is to implement casbin technology in C++. Hence, it boils down to porting the existing fully functional Golang...
  • Siddharth Lal

    CCD Reduction Package
    Organization: OpenAstronomy
    Over the years Julia has become a successful language for science and numerical computing. However, there are no current packages for performing CCD...
  • Raghavendra

    Cell Tracking Using Geometric Features
    Organization: INCF
    The project aims to provide a robust mechanism for cell tracking using 2D raw image object.Through the use of Viterbi Dynamic Programming based...
  • Ishan Rai

    Ceph Dashboard UI Enhancement and Improved Community Branding
    Organization: Ceph Foundation
    Ceph Dashboard is the built-in web-based management application for the Ceph distributed storage project. It consists of a Python-based backend that...
  • Mohit Tyagi

    CernVM-FS: Podman cvmfs integration
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    It has been shown that only a small portion of all the files in a container image is necessary to run the image itself. This is even more accentuated...
  • Ravindu De Silva

    ChainKeeper - Optimized Blockchain Analytical Interface
    Organization: SCoRe Lab
    ChainKeeper is a web-based application that can be used to retrieve Bitcoin blockchain. From the context of analysis, bitcoin addresses are very...
  • Aman Sharma-1

    Cicero Word Add-In
    Organization: Accord Project
    A Cicero extension for Microsoft Word will enable lawyers to write “Smart Legal Contracts” directly on the Word document itself. This will extend...
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