• Aayush Gupta

    CircuitVerse Platform Improvements
    Organization: CircuitVerse.org
    My GSoC'20 Project targets to achieve the following : Crafting UI designs and Redeveloping all CircuitVerse's web application frontend screens. To...
  • Nitin Kumar

    CLI: Tooling
    Organization: webpack
    My contributions majorly include the most crucial things for the CLI ( webpack-cli ) like - allowing multiple types of same arguments e.g --stats...
  • Prateek Sachan

    Cloud Endpoints for bucket notification
    Organization: Ceph Foundation
    Bucket notifications are an important enabler for integration of Ceph Object Storage with other systems, enabling complex workflows for AI/ML,...
  • Devdutt Shenoi

    Cloud Native KV-service
    Organization: Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)
    To create a Cloud Native TiKV implementation which utilises a Cloud Platform's remote provisions to augment the current local only storage back-end...
  • Furqan Munir

    Cloud Storage
    Organization: Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)
    A cloud computing is a set of huge networks and computing nodes, where enormous amount of data flow takes place. An efficient performance is needed...
  • Shiva Sankar Kannan

    Cloud-pool management plugin for OpenCue
    Organization: Academy Software Foundation (ASWF)
    The lack of ability of VFX and Animation studios, especially boutique studios, to scale their render hosts dynamically is an increasing problem,...
  • Somtochi Onyekwere

    Cluster Addons: Package all things!
    Organization: Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)
    Cluster Addons are resources that are considered inherently part of the Kubernetes cluster as they help extend the functionality of the cluster. Over...
  • ayesdie

    CMake Build System
    Organization: Synfig
    Synfig Studio is an animation system designed to speed up the animation process. Currently, building it requires autotools. Apart from that, there is...
  • Mohit Gupta-1

    Code refactors, Test cleanup, Search filter enhancement and Keyboard support
    Organization: Zulip
    Work have been focused upon: Refactor of code related to tests Cleaning up logging output and verifying it without printing in test output making CI...
  • Abijith B

    Code snippet for analysis in GUI
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    It is easy to use GUI, but for advanced purposes we have to use scripting, notebook. The aim of the project is an easier transition between GUI and...
  • Thisura Rathnayake

    Organization: SCoRe Lab
    CodeLabz is a platform that provides users (organisations, individuals) to create and engage in online tutorials. It will be developed using Google...
  • Nipuna Weerasekara

    Organization: SCoRe Lab
    CodeLabz is a platform where the users can engage with online tutorials and the organizations can create tutorials for the users. The platform will...
  • Rupesh Jha

    CODEUINO: Development of Admin Management mechanism for DONUT
    Organization: The Terasology Foundation
    This project is all about the development of Admin Management System for Donut platform which is an open-source Social Network Kit that aims to give...
  • Asel Peiris

    CODEUINO: Proposal Functionality in Donut
    Organization: The Terasology Foundation
    This project revolves around developing a mechanism allowing individual developers to reach out to Open-source organizations and pledge a research...
  • Rijul Saini

    CoEditing in Eclipse Che 7
    Organization: Eclipse Foundation
    Today, distributed software development teams depend on online collaboration more than ever. The ongoing pandemic Covid-19 has enforced...
  • Omar Wagih

    Colour suborganization - The Need for Speed
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    Colour, an affiliated project of NumFOCUS, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the United States currently uses NumPy for most of its calculations, while NumPy...
  • Kirill Yankov

    Combine DBpedia/Databus with IPFS
    Organization: DBpedia
    The project assumes implementaion of integration of Databus with IPFS. Databus (https://databus.dbpedia.org) is a service which allows people (or...
  • Nilay Majorwar

    Command Palette and Revamped Shortcuts
    Organization: GDevelop
    With this project, I aim to implement a fully functional command palette, that allows the user to access almost any function of the GDevelop IDE with...
  • Abhay Raj Singh

    Command palette, Command Stack and Macros
    Organization: Inkscape
    Inkscape comes with a plethora of features out of the box, and functionality can be extended even more by using various extensions. These features...
  • Vishal Chaudhary

    Commerce Fraud
    Organization: Drupal
    This project will aim to port Commerce fraud module to Drupal 8/9 with candidate level release. This would include updating the current module with...
  • Asitha Indrajith

    Community Dictionary
    Organization: SCoRe Lab
    Community Dictionary (ComDict) is a crowdsourced online dictionary for multiple languages. Each head term in the dictionary is defined only in...
  • Vinuri Bandara

    Community Dictionary - A crowd-sourced multilingual dictionary
    Organization: SCoRe Lab
    This project focuses on developing a crowd-sourced dictionary which will support the English language as well as multiple other languages. The...
  • Ezequiel Pássaro

    Comparing TARDIS spectra generated with different atomic data sources
    Organization: TARDIS-SN
    TARDIS relies on Carsus to manage the atomic data necessary to run the simulations. These data comes from a wide variety of sources (laboratories)...
  • Mehul Arora

    Computer Vision Based PPI Tool Version 2.0
    Organization: The Mifos Initiative
    The Poverty Probability Index (PPI®) is a poverty measurement tool for organizations and businesses with a mission to serve the poor. The PPI is...
  • Yash Khare

    Computer Vision Based PPI Tool Version 2.0
    Organization: The Mifos Initiative
    The Poverty Probability Index (PPI) is a poverty measurement tool for organizations and businesses with a mission to serve the poor. A PPI survey...
  • Weile

    Concurrent Data Structure
    Organization: Ste||ar group
    STL containers such as vectors/maps/sets/etc are not thread-safe. One cannot safely add or remove elements from one of these containers in one...
  • Rishabh Bhatnagar

    Concurrent RDF Parser in GoLang
    Organization: SPDX
    The project focuses on building a GoLang RDF reader in native GoLang which not only would be useful for the SPDX community but also might help the...
  • Mayank Shah

    Conformance Validation
    Organization: Linkerd
    This project proposes a new test suite that shall be used for conformance validation. The new test suite shall be used to validate non-trivial...
  • Julian Stanley

    Constrained changepoint GUI
    Organization: R Project for Statistical Computing
    A Shiny web application for the gfpop R package. [...] Detecting sudden changes in data is important to a variety of fields. For example,...
  • Ivo

    Constructing a database of distance-regular graphs
    Organization: SageMath
    This project aims to construct a database of distance-regular graphs in SageMath.
  • Pushkit Kapoor

    Continue development of the Chrome extension "Wayback Machine"
    Organization: Internet Archive
    The Wayback Machine Extension is a powerful tool that collects and stores information about the search queries you make and the web pages you view to...
  • Nathan Craddock

    Continued Improvements to the Outliner
    Organization: Blender Foundation
    This will be a continuation of the previous summer’s Outliner Improvements project. With selection now syncing between the outliner and other...
  • Naman Gera

    Control Theory - Implement a control systems package
    Organization: SymPy
    The main aim of this project is to implement in SymPy, a basic control system functionality that would be beneficial for engineers trying to solve...
  • Ronaldo Nunes

    Conversion of large scale cortical models into PyNN/NeuroML
    Organization: INCF
    The project Conversion of large scale cortical models into PyNN/NeuroML involves the conversion of published large scale network models into open,...
  • Ashwin Ramakrishnan

    Conversion of Mifos Mobile to Kotlin
    Organization: The Mifos Initiative
    Mifos Mobile is an Android Application built on top of the MifosX Self-Service platform for end-user customers to view/transact on the accounts and...
  • shourya

    Convert submodule to builtin
    Organization: Git
    Some Git commands were initially implemented directly in shell script with some instances of Perl as well. As times progressed, various platforms to...
  • Isaac lichter

    Converting Destination: Sol systems to use ECS
    Organization: The Terasology Foundation
    This project starts the transition of Destination: Sol systems from OOP design to Entity-Component-System architecture, using the new Gestalt...
  • Nidhi Hegde

    Cosmic-Ray Imaging Studies via Mission-Imagery from Space (CRISMIS)
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    CRISMIS is an open-source, AI-based tool for the identification and classification of cosmic-ray artifacts in imaging data. Its purpose is to cater...
  • Farheen Bano

    CQL filter implementation on pygeoapi
    Organization: OSGeo
    Develop an efficient code to contribute to pygeoapi with advanced filter functionality on features. Implement CQL on pygeoapi for specifying enhanced...
  • Poornima Rangoda

    CrawlerX - Extensible, Distributed, Scalable Crawler System
    Organization: SCoRe Lab
    Web crawling often called web scraping is a method of programmatically going over a collection of web pages and extracting data which is useful for...
  • Yash Jakhotiya

    Create a sample for notebook to Kubeflow deployment using TensorFlow 2.0 Keras
    Organization: Kubeflow
    Kubernetes is already an industry-standard in managing cloud resources. Kubeflow is on its path to become an industry standard in managing machine...
  • Govind Dixit

    Create F-Droid build for React Native Android & CI Jobs Automation
    Organization: Rocket.Chat
    The Rocket chat team has been sincerely working on improving the Android App by regularly adding great features and making them available to users...
  • cwzou

    Creating a Chemically Intelligent MongoDB Integration for RDKit
    Organization: Open Chemistry
    Chemical databases involve great heterogeneity. They are often variably indexed and represent chemical structures using custom data structures. This...
  • Frans-Lukas Lövenvald

    Creating a design guide and refactoring the Kiwix user interface
    Organization: Kiwix
    A problem with open source projects is that every contributor has their own idea of what good UI looks like. This leads to messy and non-uniform user...
  • Sohom Datta

    Creating a page-list editing widget for the ProofreadPage extension
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    Creating a widget in the ProofreadPage extension using the OOUI library that will help smooth out the experience for new users editing pagelists in...
  • vchrombie

    Creating Quality models using GrimoireLab and CHAOSS metrics
    Organization: CHAOSS
    GrimoireLab is a powerful open-source platform that provides support for monitoring and in-depth analysis of software projects. It produces a rich...
  • Linda Kladivova

    Creation of a new GRASS GIS startup mechanism
    Organization: OSGeo
    This project will focus on the creation of a more user friendly GRASS GIS startup. The general idea is to make the initial user’s contact easier and...
  • Rahul Pawar

    Credit Bureau Integration Phase 3
    Organization: The Mifos Initiative
    Credit Bureau Integration Phase 3 will aim to extend the modules and also to create a base infrastructure.
  • Dahlia Shehata

    CuPy coverage of NumPy functions
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    Implementing the polynomial set of NumPy functions that are not yet supported in CuPy with a better performance and speedup. These functions are...
  • Jain Naman

    Curses library automated testing
    Organization: The NetBSD Foundation
    Curses library is an important part of the NetBSD operating system as many applications rely on the correct functioning of the library. Performing...
  • Andre Daprato

    Custom Dataloader for Hasktorch
    Organization: Haskell.org
    Hasktorch is an important project for showcasing what a strong type system andfunctional programming can bring to machine learning tasks. The...
  • Sladyn Nunes

    Custom Jenkins distribution build service
    Organization: Jenkins project
    The main idea behind the project is to build a customizable Jenkins distribution service that could be used to build tailor-made Jenkins...
  • Anjula Karunarathne

    Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
    Organization: Joplin
    Joplin desktop application supports keyboard shortcuts to a certain degree. However, it doesn’t allow users to configure keyboard shortcuts according...
  • Alexia Legrand

    Custom Menus
    Organization: Blender Foundation
    The project goal is to add an editor menu for the quick favourites in the preferences and to give the possibilities to create more personal menu and...
  • Simpu

    Custom Performance Monitors and Debugger Plugins in Godot Engine
    Organization: Godot Engine
    This project adds support for Custom Performance Monitors and Debugger Plugins to Godot. Just like built-in performance monitors, it tracks...
  • Darshan Kansagara

    Dashboard ( Python, influxDB, Grafana )
    Organization: FOSSology
    FOSSology generates a large set of data that can be exported to the time-series Influx database and visualized with the help of a grafana dashboard....
  • karankharecha

    Dashboard for Language/National Knowledge Graphs
    Organization: DBpedia
    DBpedia holds a huge amount of data, and hence it is important to know the statistics of it. It is basically a knowledge graph. Hence, a dashboard...
  • Anchit

    Dashboard for Packit
    Organization: Fedora Project
    Packit-as-a-Service is a GitHub App that helps developers continuously ensure that their project works in Fedora. Packit Service validates pull...
  • AshishPriyadarshi

    Data Retriever: Add support for more raw data formats
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    The Data Retriever is a package manager for data. The Data retriever automatically finds, downloads and pre-processes publicly available datasets and...
  • Shibani Shankar Dash

    Data Synchronization engine with serverless GraphQL backends
    Organization: JBoss Community
    This project aims to extend Graphback by adding additional capabilities by building custom plugins. Plugins will provide Data Synchronization and...
  • Alex Mathew

    Data transaction implementation on pygeoapi
    Organization: OSGeo
    pygeoapi is a python server implementation of OGC RESTful API standards. The current implementation of OGC Features API in pygeoapi supports only...
  • Jakub Urbańczyk

    Dataplane batching
    Organization: FRRouting
    Dataplane batching FRRouting uses the concept of a data plane which is the part of the code that processes thedata requests. It is used in...
  • Arnav Kapoor

    Dateparser : Number Parser
    Organization: Python Software Foundation
    The project aims to parse numbers written in natural language. This needs to be done while keeping incorporation with dateparser and price-parser in...
  • Lahiru Hinguruduwa

    DBpedia Neural Multilingual QA
    Organization: DBpedia
    By using the existing NSpM framework, we can translate a question asked in English language to a SPARQL query. The goal of this project is to extend...
  • Shaan Subbaiah B C

    Debian Advocacy for Sugar
    Organization: Sugar Labs
    The project revolved primarily around the testing and debugging of the various releases of Debian (stable, testing, experimental) with Sugar and its...
  • Zi Fan Tan

    Debugging and Reverse Debugging Improvements
    Organization: Radare
    This project aims to improve radare2 debugger with program tracing and support remote debugging on more platforms. A program trace contains all...
  • Manas Khurana

    Debugging Unwanted Scrollbars
    Organization: Mozilla
    It happens often that when an element overflows, its parent element ends up getting an undesirable scrollbar. To help debug such scrollbars due to...
  • Luofan Chen

    Deduce attributes for non-exact functions
    Organization: The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
    A function that is non-exactly defined is a function that could be replaced at link time. Usually most of the non-inlining IPOs are inhibited. For...
  • Prateek Agnihotri

    Deep Learning Algorithms for Muon Momentum Estimation in the CMS Trigger System
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    CMS is a general-purpose detector at LHC. During a run, it generates about 40 TB data per second. Since It is not feasible to readout and store such...
  • Nirmal Praveen Suthar

    Deep Learning for 3D Computer Vision
    Organization: The Julia Language
    Neural Networks (NN) is one of the most fundamental building blocks of modern Computer vision and it has found its relevance in multiple domains like...
  • Adithya Venkateswaran

    Deep Learning For Cubesat: Behavior Segmentation With Collection Of Contextual Information
    Organization: Libre Space Foundation
    The Polaris project used in-spacecraft data to learn and predict its behavior. The project aimed at adding external sources of data, such as orbit...
  • Joanna Stachera

    Deep learning using geometric features
    Organization: INCF
    ImageJ is an open source Java image processing and analysis library used extensively in biomedical sciences. Active Segmentation is a plugin...
  • Honey Gupta

    Deep-compression for HEP data
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    Storage is one of the main limiting factors to the recording of information from proton-proton collision events at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN....
  • Mohamed Ahmed Hassan

    Demos for ignition knowledge base
    Organization: Open Source Robotics Foundation
    this is my initial proposal introducing myself, ideas and timeline of the project. looking forward to hearing your reply
  • Omal Vindula

    Dengue Stop Community Application and Admin Panel
    Organization: SCoRe Lab
    Dengue Stop is a project which helps officials to monitor the dengue incidents and metrics all over the world/country in a meaningful manner so that...
  • Ashish Kumar

    Depth First Search, Sequential Vertex Coloring and analysis of Graph Input Ordering for pgRouting
    Organization: OSGeo
    The project aims to add the following two algorithms in pgRouting: Depth First Search: It is the implementation of a standard graph traversal...
  • Akash Sharma-2

    Depth Fusion for large scale environments
    Organization: OpenCV
    This project aims to modify Kinect Fusion by implementing a hash-based TSDF volume and a global pose optimization strategy for camera tracking...
  • Swapnil Sinha

    Design and implement a tool to create overlays on pre-rendered offline maps for Internet In A Box
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    The Internet In A Box is a platform to provide offline access to educational content like Wikipedia slices, medical knowledge, videos, books, maps to...
  • Yetizone

    Design Improvements to Epiphany's dialogs
    Organization: GNOME
    The project aims to bring UI design improvements suggested by the design team and the community to Epiphany's Preferences dialog, History dialog and...
  • Samarth Sharma

    Design Integration and Accessibility audit
    Organization: Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI)
    The cuneiform digital library initiative has a vivid user base. Coming up with an outstanding first impression is an expectation that cannot be...
  • Meuge

    Designing a Specialized Orbit ​and Implementing Geometries for Surveillance and Reconnaissance Capabilities
    Organization: OpenAstronomy
    The main objective of the proposal is to add the features to develop a Specialized Orbit and to incorporate a library of Surveillance and Recognition...
  • Somal Chakraborty

    Designing Responsive UI and Completing Fragmented Features of MusicBrainz(Android)
    Organization: MetaBrainz Foundation Inc.
    MusicBrainz for Android was first created in 2010-11. In the year 2019,the app went through a significant update as part of GsoC’19 .The complete...
  • Khanh Nguyen Trung

    Organization: ReactOS
    The project aims to detect information disclosure in the kernel by integrating bochspwn-reloaded into ReactOS infrastructure. In addition, the...
  • Mahmoud Khalil

    Detecting Differences Between Two Non-Consecutive Commits For Gitg
    Organization: GNOME
    Currently in Gitg, We only show the differences between any two consecutive commits. One might find himself/herself want to compare between any two...
  • Sándor Bácsi

    Detecting Model Inconsistencies in 4diac Models with OCL
    Organization: Eclipse Foundation
    Eclipse 4diac is an open source environment for programming distributed industrial automation solutions and control systems based on the IEC 61499...
  • Ostrzyciel

    Detecting reverts and tagging reverted edits
    Organization: Wikimedia Foundation
    In MediaWiki it is currently very hard to find and filter out edits that were later reverted (i.e. removed) from an article, it is also hard to...
  • Arnav Ishaan

    Develop a MPD server inside VLC
    Organization: VideoLAN
    A MPD module is to be developed as a control module inside VLC. It should handle requests from any mpc-client. Implementation of MPC Protocol and...
  • Darshpreet Singh

    Develop an Android mobile application to show patient friendly costs of care
    Organization: LibreHealth
    To make an app which can display costs of medical procedures of US hospitals & a web scraper which can scrape ChargeMasters & update data...
  • Abhishek Garain

    Develop FLINT JSON User Interface
    Organization: Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) at UN Foundation
    The Full Lands Integration Tool(FLINT) is an open source modular C++ framework which combines data from different sources like satellite data or...
  • Raj Babu Das

    Develop local cluster provider for test-infa/prombench and extending test-infra
    Organization: Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)
    This project aims is to work on the following issues: Develop local cluster provider (KIND) Deployment of Prombench on EKS and local cluster Resolve...
  • Zhiming Zeng

    Develop OpenCV.js DNN modules for promising web use cases together with their tutorials
    Organization: OpenCV
    The dnn module of OpenCV.js has the ability and potential to develop interesting interactive deep learning applications on the Web. I'd like to...
  • Ilaria Battiston

    Develop Performance Farm Database and Website
    Organization: PostgreSQL
    PostgreSQL is a famous database management system, widely used by DBAs and with an open source license. There is a large community dedicated to...
  • Paul Blum

    Developing a 0-D Steady-State Combustion Solver for Cantera
    Organization: NumFOCUS
    Combustion has enabled our technologies in electricity production, heating, transportation, and industry. Advancements in combustion technologies...
  • Maija Utriainen

    Developing a tool for implementing clustering algorithms to Cytoscape app ClusterMaker2
    Organization: National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB)
    In this project, I will develop a tool in Cytoscape app ClusterMaker2 that helps implementing new clustering algorithms in the app from inside...
  • Surya S Dwivedi

    Development of 3D CNN in TMVA
    Organization: CERN-HSF
    This project is about the development of 3D CNN functionality in TMVA. I shall be developing both 3D convolution as well as 3D pooling layers. 3D...
  • Konstantinos Kyriakidis

    Development of a Long-read Nanopore RNA-seq pipeline in GenPipes
    Organization: Canadian Centre for Computational Genomics
    The majority of contemporary genomics and transcriptomics research is carried out using short-read technology such as the output of Illumina...
  • Medha Bhattacharya

    Development of a system that generates spatial SBML models using deep learning
    Organization: National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB)
    This project aims at creating and implementing a system that automatically generates various spatial SBML models by comprehensively segmenting...
  • Nadezda Lutovinova

    Development of environment model specifications for static verification of Linux Kernel
    Organization: The Linux Foundation
    I want to improve the kernel environment model by developing models for operations with strings. Also I want to reduce rate of wrong verdicts to LDV...
  • Robin Müller

    Device Handler Development for the SOURCE Project
    Organization: AerospaceResearch.net
    GSOC 2020 - Device Handler Development for the SOURCE Project Introduction I am Robin Mueller, a graduate student in aerospace engineering at the...
  • Mohd Arshul Mansoori

    DevOps for GenPipes
    Organization: Canadian Centre for Computational Genomics
    DevOps for GenPipes would create an automatic deployment of the GenPipes project in the cloud using Terraform. It would support multiple cloud...
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