An open-source JavaScript library to play adaptive media.

Shaka Player is an open-source JavaScript library for adaptive media. It plays adaptive media formats (such as DASH and HLS) in a browser, without using plugins or Flash. Instead, Shaka Player uses the open web standards MediaSource Extensions and Encrypted Media Extensions.

Shaka Player also supports offline storage and playback of media using IndexedDB. Content can be stored on any browser. Storage of licenses depends on browser support.

Our main goal is to make it as easy as possible to stream adaptive bitrate video and audio using modern browser technologies. We try to keep the library light, simple, and free from third-party dependencies. Everything you need to build and deploy is in the sources.

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  • javascript
  • python
  • ui/ux
  • video codecs
  • web development


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Shaka Player 2021 Projects

  • Nicolas
    Shaka Player - User Interface
    While building software with Shaka, developers can import Player’s own user interface to receive bundled component classes that help them achieve a...
  • Omer Yacine
    Shaka Streamer Enhancements
    Shaka Streamer is a tool that simplifies media transcoding and packaging by utilizing FFmpeg and Shaka Packager and managing the command line...