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We are, a small team of space makers solving space problems together with the ep2lab of Charles III University of Madrid. In 2011, we started as a student group at the University of Stuttgart to provide massive computing power with our distributed computting platform Constellation to everyone needing it for space simulations. Over time, we attracted international young professionals of the space industry and the local maker community and thus becoming a full-fledged citizen science project.

We are a community project of several projects of different Teams in Stuttgart and globally. Together we do several things. We track cubesats with the Distributed Ground Station Network Team at the Institute for Photogrammetry and try to be faster than US NORAD. We simulated millions of particles from comets with the Cosmic Dust Team of the Institute for Space Systems at University of Stuttgart for the IMEX project of the European Space Agency (ESA). And we foster other space projects like ep2lab by being an umbrella organisation.

We are a small organization but having impact within the global space community and helping realizing space exploration by creativity and open access. We are open for everybody interested in space for the betterment of everybody. Feel kindly invited to join our ZULIP chat and ask us everything about space!

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  • python
  • sqlite
  • raspberry pi
  • machine learning
  • sdr


  • Science and Medicine
  • cubesats
  • space applications
  • software defined radio
  • simulations
  • signal processing
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  • Ayush Singh
    Calibrate SDR enhancement
    Calibrate SDR is a tool by in which we would be adding support of GSM, and DVB-T signals for correcting frequency offset that...
  • Jayaraj
    CalibrateSDR is designed to accurately determine the frequency offset of an SDR via an IQ recording sample. Cheaper SDRs use a low-quality crystal...
  • Binh-Minh Tran-Huu
    Center of Satellite Signal in the Frequency Domain
    Because of the recent sharp growth of the satellite industry, it is necessary to have free, accessible, open-source software to analyze satellite...
  • Rafael Badell
    Development of an FDIR algorithm using Neural networks
    The goal of this project is to develop a failure detection, isolation and recovery algorithm (FDIR) for a cubesat, but using machine learning and...
  • R.David Aleman Ramos
    Implementation of the data analysis compilation interface in a satellite monitoring simulator
    Cubesat are now widespread as affordable tools for teaching and researching for Universities and Research Centers. Although they are simple...
  • Mario Robert D'Ambrosio
    Python GUI Visualisation for MOLTO-3BP Engine
    Visualisation of the MOLTO-3BP Incorporating Matlab Python SDK I am aware there are many applicants, thus I sincerely apologize and regret my delay...