Voxel world game/engine with a large focus on extensibility and developer tools

The Organization

The Terasology Foundation is the organization behind Terasology, DestinationSol, and a series of related work aimed at making game development in Java easier and more fun. We've been working for years on educational awareness, challenging architecture, powerful developer workspaces, fun content, and much more.

Our contributors are a diverse mix of software developers, designers, game testers, graphic artists, and musicians of all ages. We encourage and appreciate contributions from everybody, and try to be as warm and welcoming as possible to newcomers.

Our Games

Terasology is a highly extensible open source voxel-based game. Born from a Minecraft-inspired tech demo, it is gradually becoming a stable platform for all sorts of gameplay settings in a voxel world.

From the ground up, Terasology was built to be a super hackable and modular game. We host a large amount of game content modules under the Terasology organization on GitHub, all community maintained. We welcome new ideas, both crazy and well thought-out for modules and game extensions from anyone and everyone, so feel free to talk to us on IRC, Discord, or Slack.

Destination Sol is a fun little space arcade shooter we adopted as open source to learn more about LibGDX, releasing on Steam and Google Play, and to have somewhere to apply our frameworks.


Our engine is meant to be light, secure, and flexible, even excluding such basics as inventory, health, creatures, or combat. Game distributions then include modules that provide basic gameplay.

Content is wrapped in modules ranging from tiny frameworks supporting commonly needed utility to large gameplay templates. Creating a new module is as easy as running a single command, same for fetching source for any existing community module.

The game itself can auto-download modules if needed with full dependency resolution included!

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  • java
  • opengl
  • gradle
  • lwjgl
  • kotlin


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The Terasology Foundation 2021 Projects

  • Isaiah Blanks
    Destination: Sol World-Gen Modularization
    This project will create a modular framework for world generation in Destination: Sol. This will allow more flexibility in the way the world can be...
  • Lorxu
    Distinct Terrain Features for Metal Renegades
    Metal Renegades is meant to feel like an immersive Old West-style world. Right now, it’s just a desert, with some mountains made out of sand. I...
  • Yash Patel
    Migrate Web Presence to new Module Site
    The project mainly concentrates on automating the module site for collecting information about modules from all over Terasology organization and...
  • Alluri Harshit Varma
    Quality Improvements for Light & Shadow
    Light & Shadow is an Alice in Wonderland themed gameplay mode which involves players working as two opposing teams to secure a flag from the enemy’s...