Using open source & communities to curate large scale open data-sets.

The MetaBrainz Foundation is a non-profit that believes in free, open access to data. It has been set up to build community maintained databases and make them available in the public domain or under Creative Commons licenses.

Our data is mostly gathered by volunteers and verified by peer review to ensure it is consistent and correct. All non-commercial use of this data is free, but commercial users are asked to support us in order to help fund the project. We encourage all data users to contribute to the data gathering process so that our data can be as comprehensive as possible.

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  • python
  • postgresql
  • spark
  • react
  • rust


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MetaBrainz Foundation Inc 2021 Projects

  • Ritiek Malhotra
    Complete Rust binding for the MusicBrainz API
    MusicBrainz has client libraries for various programming languages such as C++, Python, Java, Go and more. However, we're still missing out on a...
  • Akash Gupta
    Implement "Series" entity for BookBrainz
    BookBrainz lacks a feature which allows a editor to create a series entity. A series is a sequence of separate works, authors, editions, edition...
  • Akshat Tiwari
    Musicbrainz Android App: Dawn of Showdown
    This project aims to continue on the development of the Musicbrainz Android App further, complete the Tagger implementation, introduce ListenBrainz...
  • jasondk
    Pin Tracks & Review Tracks Through CritiqueBrainz
    This proposal consists of two projects: Review Tracks Through CritiqueBrainz: ListenBrainz should allow users to write short reviews for tracks,...
  • Yang Yang
    Push the URL relationship editor to the next level
    On MusicBrainz, URLs are external links attached to entities; relationships define their role and include metadata like date period, they provide...