LibreOffice is a free and open source office suite.

LibreOffice is a modern Free & Open Source Office suite, one of the largest open source projects, and used by millions of users worldwide. LibreOffice is compatible with many file formats like Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. At its heart though, LibreOffice is built around an open standard, the OpenDocument Format, as its native file format.

LibreOffice is developed by users who, just like you, believe in the principles of Free Software and in sharing their work with the world in non-restrictive ways. The development of LibreOffice is supported by The Document Foundation which provides the infrastructure for the project.

We believe that users should have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software that we distribute. While we do offer no-cost downloads of the LibreOffice suite of programs, Free Software is first and foremost a matter of liberty, not price. We campaign for these freedoms because we believe that everyone deserves them.

Though the members of our community hail from many different backgrounds, we all value personal choice and transparency, which translates practically into wider compatibility, more utility, and no end-user lock-in to a single product. We believe that Free Software can provide better-quality, higher-reliability, increased-security, and greater-flexibility than proprietary alternatives. LibreOffice is a large project (approx. 6MLOC), which makes it interestingly complex, but at the same time, provides a place for all sorts of contribution & skills.

The community behind LibreOffice is the heart of the project, without which we would not have the resources to continue developing our software. The passion and drive that every individual brings to the community results in collaborative development that often exceeds our own expectations. With tons of different roles in the project, we invite everyone to join us in our work and help us to make LibreOffice known, prosper, and accessible to all.

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LibreOffice 2021 Projects

  • Bayram Çiçek
    100 Paper Cuts
    100 Paper Cuts aims for improving user interface, implementing enhancement requests and solving most-annoying issues on the UX side of LibreOffice.
  • sary nasser
    Bringing the context to the translators by a magic gate .
    make a User Interface that presents some context of the word in form of a dialog or a video that includes the word or the whole sentence ,that will...
  • Tushar Kumar Rai
    Implement Interface for external data source import into Calc
    Currently back end of data provider is implemented and it supports csv,html,xml and base data provider. Many transformations are also available so...
  • Balázs Sántha
    Implementing table styles DOCX support
    This project aims to take a step towards a solution, which could make LibreOffice able to handle proper table styles. Implementing table styles in...
  • Panos Korovesis
    Make SVM format independent of the VCL Metafile + test of the format
    This project requires the completion of the tests regarding SVM and then the separation of the read, write functionality of MetaActions to new...
  • Anshu Khare
    Sidebar Task
    This proposal is to revamp the current Styles deck sidebar for the original Styles Highlighter project
  • Akshit Kushwaha
    Tests for the VCL graphics backend
    The idea behind this task generally revolves around the fact that the smooth and bug-free nature of the graphics rendering of LibreOffice should be...