Our goal is to empower people of all backgrounds to learn how to program.

The Processing Foundation was founded in 2012 after more than a decade of work with the original Processing software. The Foundation’s mission is to promote software literacy within the visual arts, and visual literacy within technology-related fields — and to make these fields accessible to diverse communities. Our goal is to empower people of all interests and backgrounds to learn how to program and make creative work with code, especially those who might not otherwise have access to these tools and resources.

We do this by developing and distributing a group of related software projects, which includes Processing (Java), p5.js (JavaScript), and Processing.py (Python), and facilitating partnerships and collaborations with allied organizations and individuals, to build a more diverse community around software and the arts.

The Processing Foundation is specifically invested in expanding the communities of technology and the arts to include and support those who have not had equal access because of their race, gender, class, sexuality, and/or disability. We sponsor a Fellowship Program that funds exploratory, creative, and technical research; support an Advocacy Program, which focuses on nurturing diverse communities and their specific projects; produce public events that provide platforms for collaboration between our contributors; and take part in panels and talks that spread the word about the need for diversity in these fields.

At our core is the philosophy and politics of free, libre, open-source software. We see software as a medium, something that connects two things. We view it as a means for thinking and making. We believe it should be free. We believe that learning to program is not about acquiring a certain skill set, but is instead a creative and exploratory process. We believe software, and the tools to learn it, should be accessible to everyone. We believe software literacy and an understanding of media of all kinds is essential knowledge for today.

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Processing Foundation 2021 Projects

  • Niki Ito
    Activism Through Storytelling with Code
    I will be creating a web-based Artist Activist Handbook that will act like a utility and a possible guideline for other artists, activists, and...
  • Masood Kamandy
    Add Examples and Fix Bugs in Swift Processing
    This proposal fulfills the need for continued development of the Swift Processing code base. This means that bugs would be fixed and more...
  • Katie Liu
    Adding Alt Text
    I would like to help improve the web accessibility of p5js.org through adding alt text to visual elements on the p5.js website.
  • Shantanu Kaushik
    Adding to p5.js Friendly Error System
    This project aims to extend the existing functionality("fesErrorMonitor") of the p5.js Friendly Error system and add a new feature that will allow...
  • Aditya Siddheshwar
    Addon Library Development - p5.teach.js
    This project would involve developing tools for teaching STEM through p5.js, adding functions to animate shapes, and animating math symbols. The main...
  • Stuti Mohgaonkar
    Create p5 Music examples - interactive and generative
    Create example functions for interacting with sound on p5.js and also examples for creating visuals as feedback to sound. These could be further...
  • Sai Bhushan
    Improve Test Coverage in p5.Sound library
    Testing is vital for quality coding. It not only makes the code more consistent but also ensures that any addition of new code won’t break the...
  • Anais Gonzalez
    Improving the p5.xr Library Through Artistic Examples
    My goal is to create a series of examples using the p5.xr library that show people how to work with creative coding concepts inside of virtual space....
  • Sanjay Singh Rajpoot
    Internationalization(i18n) and Deployment of P5.js Website
    The p5.js website has all the features but it lacked Translation features. In this project, I have added the new translation feature to the P5.js...
  • Joseph Hong
    Korean Translations and Website Improvements
    Updating and adding to Korean translations, as well as restructuring the Learn and Examples sections of the p5 website. Adding features such as a...
  • Katie Chan
    p5.js 2021 Showcase: The Love Ethic
    “p5.js 2021 Showcase: The Love Ethic” is a proposal for the continued development of the p5.js showcase, but with a particular focus on the softness...