Python is a programming language used by software developers and scientists.

Python is a popular high-level programming language used by scientists, developers, and many others who want to work more quickly and integrate systems more effectively. The Python Software Foundation serves as an umbrella organization to a variety of Python-related projects, as well as sponsoring projects related to the development of the Python language.

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Python Software Foundation 2021 Projects

  • Debaditya Pal
    (Activeloop) Create an interactive onboarding environment for new users of Hub
    The Activeloop organization provides data scientists worldwide with a solution to these problems so that they can spend more time training their...
  • Ybrahin Martinez
    (PyAr) PyZombies
    PyZombies proposed a web application to present all the content of the course, theory, and practical exercises, following the syllabus of Python para...
  • Fawzi E. Abdulfattah
    [Eos-icons] - Enhancing the backend and introducing new features
    The main goal of this project is to make the APIs more reliable, faster, operational and easy to maintain. Firstly, I will work on determining the...
  • Bruno Messias
    A system for collaborative visualization of large network layouts using FURY
    Data structures that complex networks (graphs) can model are present almost everywhere. Therefore, it is important to have a software that can...
  • Adam Li
    An Electrophysiology Connectivity Package in the MNE Environment
    The main objective of the project is to build a consistent API leveraging MNE-Python to perform connectivity analysis of neural time-series data,...
  • Eshan Arora
    Automatic Generation of schema from directory
    Automatic generating of Hub schema when pointed to a directory, instead of having to manually define it. The aim of this project is to eliminate the...
  • Muhammed Suhail A H
    Building checkers/mappings for known package lists
    Currently CVE Binary Tool’s binary scanning is slow and a software manifest of known packages can be used for quick scanning for CVEs as an early...
  • peb
    Checker Creation Helper Script and Recommending Safe package versions
    Checker Creation Help Script Since, cve-bin-tool relies on contributors to build checkers for each package. This in turn requires them to know...
  • Antriksh Misri
    Create new user interface widget
    I will be working on a couple of UI components for FURY’s UI module. These 2D and 3D components will be sci-fi like as seen in this scene from the...
  • Akshay_Sharma
    Creating a MIME Sniffing Library for Scrapy
    This project is about creating a python library that implements the complete MIME Sniffing Standards. MIME stands for “Multipurpose Internet Mail...
  • Rahul Babu Shrestha
    Designing hashing techniques to compare large scale, out of core machine learning datasets
    Machine learning datasets are often continuously modified yet there is no efficient way to determine if two datasets are the same. This challenge...
  • Sudhanshu Kumar P
    DFFML : Add data cleanup dataflow operations and sklearn accuracy scorers
    I would like to work on creating dataflow operations which users can use out of the box for their data cleanup tasks. All the cleanup operations can...
  • Ch. M. Hashim
    DFFML : Enhancing User Experience with Notebook Examples for Machine Learning Use Cases.
    The project highlights use-cases that explain the Machine Learning workflow of DFFML API, through Jupyter notebook examples. The project also adds...
  • Saahil
    DFFML: Support Archive Storage for Models
    Adding support for archive storage (i.e in the form of .zip or .tar.* family) of models for all pre-existing models in DFFML and update tests,...
  • Vinayak Sharma
    EOS Icons React and Vue library
    Currently, EOS delivers icons via a set of well-documented methods, which chiefly include EOS-Icons Package, CDN, or direct download of icons in...
  • Abhirup Pal
    EOS: Improving Adobe XD, Figma Plugin and Creating Angular Library
    I have started doing the initial work on the EOS Adobe XD plugin and I found the community extremely supportive. For the summer, my goal would be to...
  • SunTzunami_8_24
    FURY: Ribbon and Molecular Surface Representations for Proteins
    I will be working on adding a new functionality to FURY which shall enable users to visualise various types of proteins via different representations...
  • Gavish Poddar
    Implementing better language detection and reimplementing search_dates
    Implementing an optional language detection with two built-in supported language detection libraries and reimplementing search_dates for better...
  • Sahil
    Improve CVE database structure and tracking of multiple reports
    To improve triage and tracking of reports: (A tool to append new scans to previous scan reports A combining tool to merge different reports ) To...
  • Xingyu Liu
    Improve performance through the use of Pythran
    Pythran is an ahead of time compiler that takes advantage of SIMD instructions to speed up Python code. Currently, in SciPy, there are many...
  • Angela Remolina
    Improving Python’s online interpreter and more interactive exercises
    PyZombis is a community course to teach Python to the spanish-speaking community. It is based on a brazilian MOOC Python para Zumbis. The idea is to...
  • Tirth Patel
    Integrate library UNU.RAN into scipy.stats
    UNU.RAN is a performant C library with methods to sample from continuous, discrete, multivariate, and empirical distributions. It has been used by...
  • Roberto Rosmaninho
    LLVM Back-end for the Tensor Algebra Compiler (TACO)
    The main goal of this project is to provide a new back-end for TACO, that generates LLVM bytecode instead of C code, using the LLVM C++ API to do it....
  • Hrithik Kumar Verma
    Mission Support System (or short MSS) is a software that is used for atmospheric research flight planning by scientists and meteorological...
  • alexrockhill
    mne-python intracranial electrode localization toolbox
    Intracranial electrophysiology is commonly recorded during and after invasive brain surgeries in epilepsy patients to determine where seizure...
  • Martin Schulz
    mne-python: Enhancing Performance of Signal Browsing using PyQt
    This project's objective is to provide an additional backend for the visualization of two-dimensional data (channels x time) based on PyQt. It is...
  • Aravind Murali
    MSUI UI Redesign
    Merging of MSUI and MSColab windows for a more intuitive workflow, since both the windows share some core functionalities. My proposal includes,...
  • Juan Elias Rodriguez
    Proposal by Juan Elias for OpenLex PyAr
    OpenLex is a legal management system developed in web2py this system has the advantage that it can be run on any operating system thanks to the fact...
  • Utkarshkumar
    PyAfipWs: Integration & Deployment with Github actions and addition of new features
    The project PyAfipWs under Python Argentina(PyAr) is a library for Developers & tools for accountants and SMEs.PyAfipWs contains Python modules to...
  • Leonardo Cumplido
    Python Argentina: <PyZombis project> Continue the implementation of the course in the Runestone environment
    Continue the implementation of the course with Runestone components. Currently, some exercises are not working due to the Python modules they use. I...
  • Sayandip Halder
    Python bindings for TACO compiler
    TACO or Tensor Algebra Compiler is a C++ library that generates efficient code for tensor algebra kernels. It also has a Python binding around it...
  • D R Siddhartha
    Scrapy: Feed Enhancements
    This project aims to add enhancements to Scrapy's Feed Exporter components. These enhancements consists of item filters, feed post-processing and...
  • Sundeep Chand
    User Story - Improvements and new features
    The EOS User Story project aims at providing a user-friendly and interactive platform for users to sign in and request new icons & report bugs for...
  • Harshita Mangla
    User Story - Improvements and New Features
    EOS User Story provides an interface to the users to share how they are using the product and relate to other users’ stories and vote them up. It...