Fuzzing for the future

Many years ago Michal Zalewski created a source code based fuzzer that became the industry standard. When he left Google a few dedicated people picked it up and created a community version, afl++, that is actively developed with state-of-the art ideas coming from research and industry. In not even two years afl++ has become the most effective fuzzer (based on Google's Fuzzbench benchmarking), is actively developed and maintained and was just integrated into Google's oss-fuzz. It is now part of the critical infrastructure to identify security vulnerabilities in source code. Join us to develop on the next evolution that we have planned - based on the Rust development language.

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  • fuzzing
  • instrumentation
  • c/c++
  • rust
  • llvm


  • Security
  • fuzzing
  • secure development
  • instrumentation
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AFLplusplus 2021 Projects

  • Julius Hohnerlein
    Hydra - Hybrid Fuzzing with LibAFL
    Hybrid fuzzing is a term used to describe techniques in fuzzing which involve concolic execution to drive the fuzzing campaign through...
  • Dongjia Zhang
    Scheduler for LibAFL
    Fuzzing has been a popular vulnerability detection tool, and researchers have developed various techniques to build the "best" fuzzer. It is claimed,...