The Open Source Geospatial Foundation

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to foster global adoption of open geospatial technology by being an inclusive software foundation devoted to an open philosophy and participatory community driven development. OSGeo serves as an umbrella organization for the Open Source Geospatial community in general and several code projects in particular:

  1. Web Mapping: deegree, geomajas, GeoMOOSE, GeoServer, Mapbender, MapFish, MapGuide Open Source, MapServer, OpenLayers
  2. Desktop Applications: GRASS GIS, gvSIG, Marble, QGIS
  3. Geospatial Libraries: FDO, GDAL/OGR, GEOS, GeoTools, OSSIM, PostGIS
  4. Metadata Catalogues: GeoNetwork, pycsw
  5. Content Management Systems: GeoNode
  6. Community Projects: pgRouting, istSOS, MetaCRS, Opticks, Orfeo ToolBox (OTB), PyWPS, Team Engine, ZOO-Project
  7. Other (non-code) Projects: GeoForAll (Education and Curriculum), OSGeoLive DVD, Public Geospatial Data

We host regional and international FOSS4G conferences with typical attendance of 500-1100+ geospatial developers, industry and government leaders, and researchers. Our mailing lists collectively go out to ~30,000 unique subscribers.

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  • python
  • c/c++
  • javascript
  • sql
  • java


  • Other
  • routing
  • databases
  • gis
  • open science
  • citizen science
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OSGeo - Open Source Geospatial Foundation 2021 Projects

  • Sourav singh
    AR Draw + Measure experience in MapMint4me
    Introducing the Augmented Reality experience in the present MapMint4ME project and working on Better UI and UX part for the Augmented Reality...
  • Linda Kladivova
    First steps towards a new GRASS GIS Single-Window GUI
    My project will mainly focus on extensive Graphical User Interface (GUI) refactoring necessary to prepare GRASS GIS for Single-Window GUI. As the...
  • Aryan Kenchappagol
    Implement 3D scene visualization support using Potree and integrate with MapMint
    Implementation of 3D visualization support and integration with the MapMint instance. The 3D scenes are rendered with Potree Loaders along with...
  • Aniket Giri
    Implement 3D scene visualization support using Potree and integrate with MapMint
    With the 3D scene visualization, viewing data in three dimensions gives users new perspectives. 3D viewing can provide insights that would not be...
  • Veenit Kumar
    Implement Edge Coloring Algorithm for pgRouting by the Boost Graph Library
    Edge Coloring is an algorithm used for coloring of the edges for the vertices in the graph. It is an assignment of colors to the edges of the graph...
  • HanwGeek
    Implement sorting methods for PostGIS data types before building GiST index
    Create and test pre-sorting methods of z-order and Hilbert curve for elements in GiST index to check if it will improve the performance of index...
  • CaitlinHaedrich
    Improved Integration of GRASS GIS and Jupyter Notebooks
    My project will focus on 3 main tasks: (1) simplifying the launch of GRASS GIS sessions in Jupyter Notebooks, (2) creating a more intuitive way to...
  • Sandeep Saurav
    Integrating 3D scene builder as WPS services within MapMint administration User Interface
    At present the user can only visualize the 2D datasets and can even generate one of them. So, my major approach in this project would be to create...
  • ayoubft
    Integrating a module to 3d scan a house within the MapMint4ME android application.
    Minimalist 3D scan (taking multiple pictures, recording camera position, using opendrone map to rebuild the 3D scene) with the house faces...
  • Francesco Bursi
    New Virtual Raster Data Provider for Raster Calculator in QGIS
    QGIS already has an integrated raster calculator, where user can enter an expression that will apply raster algebra functions to one or more input...
  • Aaron Saw Min Sern
    Parallelization of existing modules for GRASS GIS
    The project focuses on parallelizing existing modules that can benefit from parallelization with OpenMP, such as r.neighbors, r.mfilter, r.univar,...
  • Ashish-Kumar
    VRP functionality with VROOM on the database for pgRouting
    The project aims at implementing the VRP functionality in the vrprouting repository of pgrouting, using VROOM as a library in C++. VROOM is an...