Rizin reverse engineering framework and toolset

The Rizin project is a fork of the famous Radare2 project that started in 2006. Since then the codebase has been rewritten multiple times, modularized and extended to support many new features. The Rizin project aims to provide stability, focus on the most important features, and provide a user friendly interface. Along with Cutter - a Qt-based GUI and the RzGhidra decompiler it makes the effective tool for everyday reversing tasks.

Rizin is composed of a hexadecimal editor at its core, with support for several architectures and binary formats. It features code analysis capabilities, scripting, data and code visualization through graphs and other means, a visual mode, easy UNIX integration, a binary diffing engine for code and data, a shellcode compiler, multi-platform debug with reverse debug capabilities and much, much more!

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  • c
  • c++
  • qt
  • python


  • Security
  • reverse engineering
  • computer security
  • debugging
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Rizin 2021 Projects

  • Pulak Malhotra
    Heap Viewer
    Currently, there are no heap-specific widgets in Cutter to get information about the heap while debugging a program. This project aims to solve this...
  • Alexis Ehret
    Reworking Rizin's binary loading
    Currently, Rizin is able to load segments and sections as well as fetch all symbols and relocations and extract everything we need to analyse the...
  • Aswin C
    Support for CPU and Platform Profiles
    Rizin currently relies upon manually writing code for adding a new CPU or an IO port. This implementation is unfit as the vast and growing ecology of...