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Our open source modules power core features of the Postman app, which is used by over 14 million users across 500,000+ companies.


Command-line tool for running and testing a Postman Collection as part of any pipeline, making Postman collections a unit of compute that can be baked into the software development life cycle, and leveraged as API truth wherever it is needed.

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OpenAPI Initiative

The OpenAPI Specification (OAS) is a community-driven open specification within the OpenAPI Initiative, a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project. OAS empowers the API community with a common, machine-readable way of defining the surface area of any API that uses the HTTP 1.1 protocol as a transport. Postman has joined the OpenAPI initiative and continues to invest in open source tooling built around it.

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AsyncAPI Initiative

AsyncAPI is an open source project. The initiative works on AsyncAPI specification and tools for it. It's goal is too make it easier to build and maintain event-driven architectures. Postman actively supports the project and delegates it's employees to work on AsyncAPI.

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  • javascript
  • graphql
  • node.js
  • openapi
  • rest api


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Postman 2021 Projects

  • Sarthak Saxena
    API Conversion API
    There is currently no open source API specification format and schema converter API that provides conversion between multiple formats. The proposed...
  • Nektarios Gkikakis Fifes
    AsyncAPI Application simulation
    The scalable , extendable backend services stress tester.
  • Arjun Garg
    AsyncAPI Applications Relations Finder
    AsyncAPI aims to set an industry standard for messaging APIs by providing a set of tools and features to improve the current state of Event-Driven...
  • Khuda Dad Nomani
    AsyncAPI Document Optimizer
    AsyncAPI offers many different ways to reuse certain parts of the document like messages or schemas definitions or references to external files, not...
  • Aayush Sahu
    AsyncDiff is a library which compares two AsyncAPI Documents and generates diff between the two.
  • Wahab Oguntade
    Chatbot for AsyncAPI Creators Project Proposal
    The project's aim is to develop a chatbot that can help people create spec documents without knowing the specification.To get started with, the bot...
  • Rishi Purwar
    Contributing to Postman Public Workspace
    Build utilities for Postman entities
  • Manan Sharma-1
    Newman Dashboard
    Newman Dashboard is a real-time WebUI dashboard which can let users control and view the currently executing as well as the previously executed...
  • Raghav Bhatia
    Newman Request
    Current version of Newman ships with a command - newman run - that allows users to effortlessly run and test postman collections from the...