52°North works on innovative ideas and technologies in geoinformatics

52°North is an international research and development non-profit company with partners from academia, the public sector and industry. Our goal is to foster innovation in the field of geoinformatics through a collaborative software development process. Our focus is Spatial Information Research and addresses sensor web technologies, the web of things, linked open data, spatial data infrastructures, citizen science, earth observation, and standardization. Some of our software projects are enviroCar, 52°North SOS, 52°North JavaScript Sensor Web Client, ILWIS, and 52°North WPS. Check out our GitHub organization and our Open Hub page to learn more about the wide range of software we work on: from mobile apps to standardized web services, from cutting edge research to established products. 52°North open source projects are used in a broad range of domains (e.g. oceanology, air quality, hydrology, traffic planning) and operational as well as research projects (e.g. European Horizon 2020 or National projects: see our references page). All of the 52°North software is published under an OSI approved open source license. 52°North GmbH, which is the legal body, acts as a non-profit organization. This means that the shareholders of 52°North do not receive profit shares or payments from company funds. Instead, the profits earned by 52°North are completely re-invested into the innovation, research and software development process.

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  • javascript
  • java
  • ogc standards
  • web services
  • python


  • Science and Medicine
  • spatial information infrastructures
  • citizen science
  • open standards
  • geoinformation systems
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52°North GmbH 2021 Projects

  • D Ajay Kumar
    enviroCar Platform Independent App
    Platform Independent enviroCar App enviroCar is a Citizen Science tool that is used by citizens, traffic planners, scientists and companies to...
  • Khyati
    Groundwork for platform independent app
    EnviroCar is a citizen science community that collects, shares, and analyzes floating car data for traffic management and the environment. It...
  • Sai Karthikeya
    Improving User experience in enviroCar Android
    The features implemented in recent years have greatly enhanced the functionality of the app. Currently, All basic features which help in...