Australian Umbrella Org for Open-Source Projects

We are an Australian not-for-profit umbrella organization for open-source projects. We believe the open-source philosophy provides a resource-efficient channel to transfer knowledge and achieve innovation and education. In 2021, we offer the following projects:

Agora (Scala, Javascript): a library of vote counting algorithms for democratic elections. Mind the Word (Javascript, HTML, CSS): a browser extension that helps users to learn new languages. Crowd Alert (React-Native, Expo, Jest): a cross-platform mobile application that allows users to post and view incidents around them Carbon Footprint (Javascript, HTML, CSS): a browser extension that raises environmental awareness regarding C02 emissions. Starcross (iOS,C++,OpenGL,Objective-C): Starcross is a hand-held planetarium for your iOS device. Can be used to identify stars, planets, nebulae and more. Social Street Smart (Chrome Extension): Social Street Smart is a Chrome Extension that makes the Internet a more productive place for the users. Using algorithms and artificial intelligence, the extension hopes to face the major problems of the modern Internet. Monumento(Mobile Application): to provide users with a unique experience of exploring and learning more about the various monumental structures all around the world within the app

We have a diverse group of mentors, including GSoC students from previous years who decided to become long-term contributors as well as academics with extensive experience in supervising undergraduate, M.Sc. and PhD students on theses and projects, whose results are often published and presented in the most prestigious conferences of our research fields.

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  • scala
  • javascript
  • machine learning
  • android
  • ios


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AOSSIE 2021 Projects

  • Divyank Lunkad
    Agora Android
    Agora Android application runs smoothly and works fine with all the functionalities. This summer I am planning to add a Welcome screen for the new...
  • Raj Ranjan
    Agora Blockchain
    AOSSIE’s Agora, a voting platform with many great voting algorithms. But the only thing missing in this idea was TRUST. It’s users have to trust the...
  • Ayush Tiwari
    Currently, the agora-web API fetch/write data to the mongoDB. The aim of the proposal is to migrate voterInfo, candidateInfo and vote count records...
    Final Step Towards Deployment
    Agora Vote has much scope of improvement to make the workflow of the app smoother. Instead of adding some major new features, my main goal for this...
  • Harsh Mishra
    Improving User Experience Of Frontend and Enabling User Personalisation
    Social Street Smart extension provides some basic functionalities like labeling social media posts as clickbait, fake news, etc., on three platforms:...
  • Aaryan Kothari
    Monumento iOS application
    A onestop iOS application for exploring monuments all around the globe!
  • Harjeet
    P2P Messaging App
    A peer to peer messaging app where one could send messages even when there is no internet using ad hoc networks over large area.
  • Ritik Jain
    Peer to Peer Message Transfer
    The project aims to design and develop a Peer-to-Peer Messaging app that does not rely on a central server to send messages across the peers. The app...
  • Tanya Prasad
    Peer-to-Peer Message Transfer
    Building a cross platform (Android/iOS) chat application which utilises Bluetooth and WiFi-Direct for communication, thus eliminating the need of a...
  • Suryansh Singh Tomar
    Proposal for Monumento
    Project Goals Since most of the app is built using Flutter, we should make full use of it and make the app support iOS devices as well. The app can...
  • Shu Richmond
    Slagora API and Admin Dashboard
    Slagora is one of those ready-made slack applications that enable teams to create interactive polls using preferential voting algorithms. Slagora...