Building sustainable ecosystems for cloud native software

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is an open source software foundation dedicated to making cloud native computing universal and sustainable. It is the home of projects like Kubernetes, Envoy, gRPC, Prometheus and more!

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CNCF 2021 Projects

  • Hemanth Krishna
    [Litmus Portal] Authentication Module Refactor and OAuth Implementation
    The Authentication server of the litmus portal (which resides in the litmus-portal folder of the main litmus repository) is written in golang, uses...
  • Dhruv P
    Adaptive Load Control and Distributed Load Testing of Envoy Data Planes
    Users configuring their Envoy-based data planes don't know how to find the optimal Envoy configuration given their workload's resiliency and...
  • Naman Lakhwani
    Automated, Granular TLS client support in Thanos
    Thanos Querier component supports basic TLS configuration for internal gRPC communication. This works great for basic use cases but it still requires...
  • Halil İbrahim Ceylan
    Buildpacks Lifecycle Prepare Phase
    Buildpacks are a kind of framework for preparing a container environment for your apps. Lifecycle is a particular workload that needs to run one by...
  • Mritunjay Sharma
    Cloud Native Buildpacks [CNCF] Project: Automatic Buildpack Registry Action Updates
    Buildpacks are pluggable tools that can be used to transform the source code to OCI compliant images (Docker images) that can run on any cloud. It is...
  • Fatih ATES
    CNCF - CNB - Jenkins Plugins
    Cloud Native Buildpacks' primary function is to turn source code into a runnable image and because of that it's natural for it to be used within...
  • Qijia “Joy” Liu
    Develop in-toto-rs (Rust) for integration with rebuilderd
    Description: rebuilderd is a verification system for binary packages. It repeats the build process of a package in an identical environment and...
  • Arsh Sharma
    Improve the usability of cert-manager on multiple cloud providers
    cert-manager is a Kubernetes add-on used extensively to automate the management and issuance of certificates from various issuers. This project aims...
  • Tim Ramlot
    Make it easy to install and verify the installation of cert-manager
    cert-manager can be installed using Helm or with regular Kubernetes manifests, but when using regular manifests it is difficult to customize the...
  • Yeshuai Cui
    Merge Crossplane/OAM-Runtime with KubeVela by specify version
    Open Application Model [OAM] is a runtime-agnostic specification for defining cloud native applications and enabling building app-centric platforms...
  • Z0marlin
    OpenEBS: Update mount-points and capacity of Block Devices without restarting NDM
    The Node Disk Manager (NDM) daemonset runs on every node in the Kubernetes cluster, discovers and monitors various storage devices connected to the...
  • Saswata Mukherjee
    Smart automation for project documentation and website
    This project aims to build and implement mdox, a documentation automation CLI tool, which can keep project documentation completely up-to-date by...
  • Piyush Singariya
    SMI Support for Multi-Cluster Operations
    Currently, SMI doesn’t provide connectivity over multiple Kubernetes clusters. It is becoming common for users of a service mesh to have more than...
  • Bingchang Chen
    TiKV: High-performance Data Import Tool
    Lightning is a tool used to import large amounts of data into TiDB. In addition to the logic of preparation and improving performance, the main logic...
  • Zhuoran He
    TLA+ Spec for Async Commit
    The goal of this project is to offer a formal verification using TLA+ for TiKV’s new “Async Commit” transaction model, which brings us more...
  • Kensei Nakada
    web-based simulator for scheduler behaviour (Project: Kubernetes)
    In real Kubernetes, we cannot know the results of scheduling in detail without reading the logs, which usually requires privileged access to the...