Open-source software and hardware technologies for space

One of the most active Libre Space Foundation projects is SatNOGS, the open global satellite ground-station network. An open-source participatory project based on the users operating a ground station accessible on the web for all the network users. A basic ground station up can be set-up using commercial off-the-shelf components that are commonly available with a static omnidirectional antenna, to more complex stations with multiple movable antennas To facilitate the later we provide open hardware for those that want to build their own. As of the time of writing, 400 stations are online in the SatNOGS Network, and tested globally by University satellite teams, organizations, companies, and individual contributors. Data from the Network are stored in the SatNOGS Database and are visualized in the SatNOGS Dashboard. Furthermore, the Polaris project can be used to provide insights on satellite telemetry collected by SatNOGS using machine learning technics.

Libre Space, recently delivered two open-hardware and software PocketQube-class satellites Qubik 1 and Qubik 2, and an open-source hardware and software PocketQube orbital deployment system PicoBus scheduled for launch in 2021Q1 on the inaugural launch of the Firefly Alpha rocket. The Qubik satellites will perform orbital determination and identification experiments and will showcase open-source software and hardware technologies. Additionally, Libre Space, develops an open-hardware and software satellite communication subsystem for CubeSats designed to work seamlessly with the SatNOGS Network.

Libre Space Foundation is also implementing two European Space Agency activities. SDR Maker Space working on several open-source Software Defined Radio sub-activities to facilitate satellite communications and OpenSatCOM working on sustainable development practices for satellite communications projects.

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  • python
  • django
  • sdr
  • embedded systems
  • machine learning


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Libre Space Foundation 2021 Projects

  • Yash Gondhalekar
    Expand Events Detection
    With the increasing number of satellites launched into space, orbital congestion is escalating ever-more rapidly. This eventually increases the...
  • ayush_bansal
    Polaris: Produce rich analysis reports
    This project aims to make a tool to use results of Betsi and anomaly detectors to generate customisable and rich analysis Reports and make...
  • Michail Raptakis
    SatNOGS TX capabilities
    Improve the TX capabilities of SatNOGS using Gnu Radio and C++