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The Apache Software Foundation 2021 Projects

  • Hae Dong Lee
    [Incubator-Nemo] Accurate Task Execution Simulator for Distributed Data Processing
    This is a project that develops a simulator consisting of an executor model abstracted based on statistics and a scheduler model that are executed...
  • fibersel
    Add ttl for cassandra snapshots
    Currently Cassandra can create snapshots of SSTables containing all data of concrete Column Family (Analogue of the table into RDBMS).Snapshot is a...
  • Sang Woo Bae
    Apache CloudStack - Synchronization of network devices on newly added hosts for Persistent Networks
    Apache CloudStack’s persistent networks have been a solution for system administrators, that abstracts away the micromanaging of resources like...
  • Hồng Quân Trần
    Apache James - Implement Thread support for JMAP
    JMAP is an email application protocol to modernise IMAP, on top of HTTP using a JSON format. JMAP is designed to make efficient use of limited...
  • Pavindu Lakshan
    Apache OODT - Improving OPSUI React.js UI with Advanced Functionalities
    This project aims to improve the functionalities of the Apache OODT OPSUI React.js User Interface and implement a REST API for the resource manager...
  • Liangda Wang
    Apache ShardingSphere - Proofread the Oracle DDL/TCL SQL Definitions
    ShardingSphere parser engine helps users parse a SQL to get the AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) and visit this tree to get SQLStatement (Java Object). At...
  • Fang Hu
    APISIX ingress controller integration with Knative Serving
    Knative is an extension of Kubernetes and is specifically designed for serverless workloads. Knative Serving, as one of the core components of...
  • Yusuf Karadag
    Application Proposal for Apache Clerezza
    The purpose of this task is to define an ontology for conversations and to create a Java library based on Apache Clerezza to store them. Signal...
  • nrumeshp
    COMDEV-412 Apache DolphinScheduler Parameter coverage
    Currently parameter configuration of DolphinScheduler is mainly based on configuration files. However there’s no way to override parameters when the...
  • Nuwan Jayawardene
    Containerisation of Apache Synapse ESB
    The Apache Synapse ESB currently exists as a standard server runtime, the same state it’s been since inception. However cloud native technologies...
  • Caleb Herbel
    Dynamic Partitioning for Interval Joins in Asterix Database
    Asterix currently requires a static range hint in the query when performing interval joins. The range hint supplies split points for input data, then...
  • Huaxi Jiang
    Enhance verification for APISIX ingress controller
    Currently, the basic structural verification of CRD has been completed in APISIX Ingress Controller, but more verification is still needed. For...
  • Zeping Bai
    Enhanced authentication for APISIX Dashboard
    Current problem A simple identity authentication module has been implemented in the current panel, which supports the user name/password...
  • Danish Jamal
    Fineract Client
    A Java and Retrofit2 based library, which mainly focuses on building an abstraction layer over the fineract API. Currently, all the MIFOS application...
  • Kinar Sharma
    Functional Enhancements to Fineract CN Mobile
    As we know FIneract CN Mobile is a mobile field operations app built upon the brand new Apache Fineract CN micro-services architecture, with an MVP...
  • Varun Jain
    Functional Enhancements To Fineract CN Mobile Application
    The Fineract-cn-mobile application is the Android client of Apache Fineract CN, built on top of the FIneract CN Platform. It provides banking...
  • Hwarim Hyun
    Implementing Work Stealing on Nemo
    This project aims to optimize the performance of Nemo by dynamically splitting skewed tasks of a job based on the information collected from runtime...
  • Benura Abeywardena
    Improve Robustness by fixing Issues / Feature Requests from the backlog
    Proposal is about improving the robustness of MifosX and Apache Fineract by fixing issues/feature requests from the backlog. There're currently 5...
  • Nasser Yemdjih Kaze
    Machine Learning Credit Scorecard PHASE 4
    Financial Organizations using Mifos/Fineract are depending on external agencies or their past experiences for evaluating credit scoring and...
  • Bikram Biswas-1
    Multiple SSH key holding on CloudStack
    Project proposal on issue#4813 about holding multiple SSH keys. As of now, ACS supports only a single SSH key to be added / reset on a VM. Here I...
  • Ji Ho Kang
    Nemo Optimization by WAN Hierarchical Aggregation and Fidelity Control
    This GSOC project aims to optimize Nemo execution by performing hierarchical aggregation and controlling its fidelity based on the distance of a...
  • Michal Lenc
    NuttX Support for Rapid Control Applications Development with pysimCoder
    NuttX is a real time operating system which provides wide support for smaller and cheaper microcontrollers and development boards. PysimCoder is an...
  • Thanoshan M.V.
    Proofread Oracle DML SQL Definitions for the ShardingSphere Parser
    Apache ShardingSphere uses ANTLR (ANother Tool for Language Recognition) as a generator for the SQL parser engine and obtains SQL statements from AST...
  • Ke Zhang
    Proposal for Apache SkyWalking: Python agent supports profiling
    Apache SkyWalking already has a Python Agent with relatively complete functions, but it still has some functional deficiencies compared with Java...
  • Junxuan Wu
    Proposal for cloudstack: cloning a VM
    Currently, cloudstack does not have an option for the user to clone a VM. In order to achieve a full clone, we have to manually handle it by using...
  • ShivamSingh
    Redesign, develop and refactor APISIX landing page
    I propose my project idea relating to Apache APISIX growth, titled "Redesign, develop and refactor Apache APISIX landing page and documentation...
  • infaz
    Support JOOQ API within gora-sql module
    Currently the gora-sql module is outdated and only supports mysql database scheme. This module can be rewritten in JOOQ in such a way that it can...
  • Apurv Gupta
    UX Enhancements
    There are 3 sub-projects in the UX improvements, they are : Implementation of shortcut navigation using the keyboard on CloudStack client. Adding...