Creating and distributing free geographic data for the world.

OpenStreetMap is a crowdsourcing project that creates and distributes free geographic data for the world. Our data is collected by hundreds of thousands of contributors around the globe and released with an open-content license. We allow free access not only to our map images, but all the underlying map data, which powers websites and apps used by billions of people worldwide.

OSM data can be freely used in both open and closed source software, and has attracted many commercial users. Still, the success of OSM wouldn't be possible without open source software and volunteer developers. The database, website and api running on our own servers, the editing tools used by contributors to improve the map, and many of the most popular libraries and end-user applications within the OSM software ecosystem are all open source software, and developed through a community-driven process.

As our Google Summer of Code participation spans this diverse set of software projects, most of which are maintained as independent efforts under the OSM umbrella, students will encounter a wide range of programming languages, paradigms and use cases. We hope that we have interesting challenges to offer for any developer, no matter their background!

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  • java
  • javascript
  • ruby
  • python
  • postgresql


  • Other
  • maps
  • open data
  • crowdsourcing
  • gis
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OpenStreetMap 2021 Projects

  • Zohaib Ansari
    Element History Widget
    This will be a standalone library to display multiple versions of any selected OSM element and allow comparison between the different versions.
  • Yash Srivastava
    Interface for reporting search bugs for Nominatim
    Currently, there is no standard platform where users can report bugs when they are working with Nominatim. Generally, if a user wants to report a...
  • Antonin Jolivat
    Nominatim QA Analyser
    Nominatim is a software used to process geocoding requests on OpenStreetMap data. The software uses its own database schema which differs from the...
  • Vuong Ho
    Opening hours tag evaluator
    As noted by SimonPoole, the current opening hours parser lacks a complete evaluator for its input opening hours. This project will center around...