Promote Openness through use and development of Open Standards and Open Source

GFOSS – Open Technologies Alliance is a platform for Open Standards, Free Software, Open Content, Open Data & Open Hardware in Greece. The major Greek Universities and Research Centers participate in GFOSS – Open Technologies Alliance, while leading members of the Greek community of developers play a key role in the implementation of our policies. Through our initiatives we aspire to contribute and coordinate the efforts of groups of volunteers, public servants, university researchers and students enabling them to form the backbone of Greek FOSS development and implementation. GFOSS is one of the strategic actors for the promotion of OSS throughout Greece (see ). Many public administrations and academic institutions collaborate with GFOSS to implement open source projects and through Google Summer of Code we give the opportunity to students to actively engage in the production and the actual implementation of an open source project. GFOSS also contributes and advices on the development of various open source projects related to e-government and digital transformation in Greece (e,g. - and actively promotes the use of Open Source software and hardware in the Greek primary and secondary education through the Open Educational Technologies Competition ( )

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  • python
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  • mysql
  • python deep learning frameworks
  • perl


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  • python
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GFOSS - Open Technology Alliance 2021 Projects

  • Ioannis Sina
    Creation of a multi user audio first annotation tool
    An annotation tool helps people (without the need for specific knowledge) to mark a segment of an audio file (waveform), an image or text (and...
  • Nikolaos Kokkinis
    Implement two humanoid environments for the deepbots framework, using KONDO's KHR-3HV and Nao as agents. Work on zero-shot learning and extending the...
  • Georgios Giannakoulias
    Development of a DIY robot kit for educators
    The goal of the project is to develop a low-cost DIY robot kit, including the designs, tutorials and use-case scenarios. The DIY robot kit should be...
  • Vedant Shah
    Extending Deepbots to evolutionary algortihms
    Deepbots is a wrapper framework for the open-source robotics simulator Webots. It acts as a middleware between the simulator and Reinforcement...
  • CedArctic
    HA-Auto: Node-RED Compatible DSL for Home Automation
    HA-Auto is a Domain Specific Language (DSL) based on the model interpretation paradigm, that enables users to program complex automation scenarios,...
  • Georgios Kosmas
    hashesDB will be a command line tool that will help users manage a database of hashes of files. It will provide several database-related...
  • Shubhank Saxena
    MediaCMS - modern, fully featured video and media CMS
    MediaCMS is a modern, fully-featured open-source video and media CMS. It is developed to meet the needs of modern web platforms for viewing and...
  • Ilias Kyranas
    Sastix-CMS: A general purpose Java CMS in Spring Boot
    The Sastix-CMS is a CMS solution based on the robust Spring Boot framework. Up until now the CMS provided a REST API offering functionality for...
  • Artemis Georgopoulou
    sch-webapps: aggregator for web-based educational material
    Photodentro is the official repository of K12 educational material for Greece. It contains more than 15,000 learning objects or applications which...