Toolkit for cancer imaging research

caMicroscope is a digital pathology data management, visualization and analysis platform. It consists of a set of web services to manage digital pathology images, associated clinical and imaging metadata, and human/machine generated annotations and markups. The image visualization client consists of HTML5 based web clients that support interactive rendering of the digitized image, and the creation and display of annotations and markups. In addition to the core caMicroscope digital pathology management framework, caMicroscope organization also consists of several other open source tools, in the domains of healthcare and big data. caMicroscope is used by several medical research organizations.

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  • javascript
  • python
  • medical imaging
  • tensorflow
  • mongodb


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caMicroscope 2021 Projects

  • Hemansh Khaneja
    Cross-Slide Coordinated Viewing
    Often, it's useful for users to compare different results on an image. To facilitate this, caMicrocope supports viewing the same image with different...
  • Peddi Sai Varshith
    Integrate an optical microscope with a camera and motorized stage - Collaboration with FDA
    eeDAP is an evaluation environment for Digital and Analog Pathology. The software has two modes one for digital WSI image evaluation and other for...
  • Yash Kumar Verma
    RBAC Authorization with Cache Implementation using higher order functions
    Currently, caMicroscope uses attribute-based access control, which does not clearly represent the notion of authorization in users and faces...
  • Vedant Nandoskar
    Real Time Collaborative Pathology
    This project aims to develop a feature for Real Time Collaboration on the caMicroscope Slide Viewer which would give users the ability to work...
  • Rohan Mallick
    Smart Pens
    This project would involve adapting pathology annotation tools to prefer following edges in the base image when close and also add other smart...