Open source projects for humanitarian work, international development, and peace

UMBRELLA ORGANIZATION: This GSoC organization hosts many different open source projects from which you can choose! Continue reading for details.

TECHNOLOGIES: Android, CSS, Elixir, Erlang, Firmware, Flask, Go, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Laravel, Linux, Node.js, PHP, Python, React, Rails, Typescript

We are a community for builders of free and open source software that serves as digital public goods to humanitarian organizations, international development agencies, non-profits, non-governmental organizations, and charities that strive to create positive social change in communities around the world.

To put it more simply: Our member projects build critical tools that support people making the world a better place. These tools sit at the intersection of international development, humanitarian reponse, and peace-building. Because those tools are open source, people and organizations have the guaranteed freedom to use them to build innovative solutions that help achieve the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Head over to the DIAL umbrella org project listing for complete details about all our sub-orgs and how to learn more about each of them.

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Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) at UN Foundation 2021 Projects

  • Apratim Ran Chak
    Alexa Top Sites Captcha and Tor Block Monitoring
    The project aims to monitor and track down in detail how the Alexa Top 500 websites behaves to different Tor clients, whether a particular website is...
  • srnaveen2k
    Circuitpython busio compatibility layer for pslab-python
    The PSLab project has many instruments and supports some external sensors, but there are many sensors which are supported by pslab board yet to be...
  • Kartikay Sharma
    Create common backend for PSLab Desktop and Android app
    The sigrok project is a signal analysis software suite which supports various measurement devices such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers,...
  • Chukwuemeka Okechukwu
    DIAL ODK-X New Date Prompts For ODK-X Survey Proposal
    ODK-X Survey is a data collection Android application, similar to ODK Collect. Users can create forms using XLSX spreadsheets and are then rendered...
  • Meghal Bisht
    Eventyay Open Event : Refactor frontend in Ember to React, Improve features in Server
    To refactor frontend codebase written in Ember to React, including adding tests and setup code standards. Add integration and unit tests in the...
  • Sachin Chauhan
    Eventyay Open Event: Stabilise project, fix bugs and implement new features.
    This project aims to stabilise Eventyay Open Event Project. This includes fixing high priority issues, implementing required features and handling...
  • ranjit shah
    Frontend reimplementation using react
    To revamp current eventyay site into new one from Emberjs to React with NEXT and setup frontend modelling ,similar UI-UX behaviour, write tests and...
  • Kathrin Elmenhorst
    Measuring QUIC and TLS censorship with OONI Probe
    My goal for Google Summer of Code is to make OONI better at measuring TLS and QUIC blocking. OONI develops the open source software OONI Probe which...
  • Varun Tiwari
    ODK-X: Improving Services User-Interface
    This Project involves making the ODK-X Services Application meet the current UI/UX standards by redesigning the Basic Application Architecture and...
  • Shivam Pathak
    OONI: Developing Unit, Integration and E2E tests for Probe Desktop apps
    The Probe Desktop is free and Open Source Software that aims to provide insights on and expose the Internet censorship and other forms of network...
  • Subham Raj
    OPEN DATA KIT: Improve the suitcase application
    ODK-X Suitcase is a cross-platform tool that allows the user to upload, download, and update data on an ODK-X Cloud Endpoint from a personal...
  • Sundaram Dubey
    Reimplementing Open Event Frontend in React
    Currently the open event frontend is implemented in Ember.Js. The plan is to shift the UI to React page by page.