SCoRe has conducted research covering various aspects of Security, Mobile & IOT.

The SCoRe Lab has conducted research covering sensor networks, embedded systems, digital forensic, information security, mobile applications, cloud, blockchain and software tools. Our research aims to generate computing solutions by identifying low-cost methodologies and strategies that lead to sustainability. At present, the SCoRe group is at a stage of its evolution in which it has been able to secure high donor confidence as evidenced by simultaneous foreign-funded projects. SCoRe group studies and produces sustainable computing solutions concerning low-cost computing and communication foundations in the developing and emerging regions in the world. We have developed several affordable and sustainable ICT solutions, especially focusing on the developing region's requirements. These solutions are briefly described in the projects section.

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  • python
  • nodejs
  • android
  • golang


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SCoRe Lab 2021 Projects

  • Abhi Kulshrestha
    Ask SCORE - Community App
    Ask SCORE app is the community app, which helps organisation in Collaboration, teamwork, promotion, cooperation with their members(Mentors, Mentees,...
  • Kalana Mihiranga
    CodeLabz is a platform where the users can engage with online tutorials and the organizations can create tutorials for the users. The platform will...
    CodeLabz - FrontEnd Improvements
    CodeLabz is a platform where the users can engage with online tutorials and the organizations can create tutorials for the users. The platform is...
  • Beshiniii
    CrawlerX - Develop Extensible, Distributed, Scalable Web Crawling System
    The CrawlerX is a web platform which supports crawling web URLs in a distributed way, focusing for people who are interested in data analysis, data...
  • Sandagomi Pieris
    CrawlerX - Distributed crawling system
    The CrawlerX is a platform which we can use for crawling web URLs in different kinds of protocols in a distributed way. This proposal mainly focuses...
  • Ramanujan
    DNSTool Middleware/API
    DNSTool Middleware/API DNSTool is a system to monitor a given set of internet resources such as Domains, IPs, etc. The DNSTool Middleware/API is the...
  • Jeevi
    DNSTool proposal
    DNSTool is a project that serves the purpose of rapid monitoring of DNS traffic over time. This system allows its users to create their seed lists...
  • Sahan Randika
    DNSTool Web Application
    DNSTool WebApplication is the main access portal of the DNSTool which is designed to monitor the given set of internet resources like domains, IP,...
  • Lycanthrope
    GSOC 2021 CodeLabz Proposal
    This is a proposal for CodeLabz - FrontEnd Improvemnts idea (#22). This contains my personal information, my implementation idea, my SCoRe lab...
  • Sahan Dissanayaka
    ImageLab - extend the functionality
    Extends the current functionalities to the next stage with the core objective of gaining the most prominent concepts in the image processing domain...
  • Sachin Som
    Improving Functionality of OpenMF-GSOC'21
    This proposal focuses on improving frontend and backend part of openMF. Creating Frontend sections for admin, management and extractor. Creating new...
  • Pola Hano Shehat
    Improving Image Lab Project UI/UX
    Improving the ImageLab project user experience by enhancing user interface and adding new interesting features.
  • Amlan Kumar Nandy
    LabelLab: Improve Team Management and Collaborative Experience
    LabelLab is an image labeling and classification tool for researchers. Currently, it allows the user to upload a batch of images and label them, in...
  • Mohit Bhat
    NodeCloud - Digital Ocean Provider
    NodeCloud is a NodeJs package that aims to provide a one-stop solution to use multiple cloud providers in a project. It provides a plugin for each...
  • Shadow
    Proposal for CodeLabZ
    CodeLabz is a platform where the users can engage with online tutorials and the organizations can create tutorials for the users. The platform is...
  • Asela Dasanayaka
    Revive TensorMap
    TensorMap is a visual designer for ML code. The codebase has gone stale after the initial start-up of the project. TensorMap only consists of very...
  • Esandha Vithanage
    S-ChainX: Product Hunter
    Selecting a good product for consumption is hard due to bad products in the market. So an application that can trace a product and its raw materials...
  • Scan8 is a kubernetes based rapid URL/file scan system that allows users to submit a list of URLs/file and take out the scan results.Scan8 uses...
  • Scan8 is a distributed scanning system for detecting trojans, viruses, malware, and other malicious threats embedded in URLs or files. The system...
  • Swapnal Shahil
    SCoRe Lab Open MF Proposal
    OpenMF is an open-source forensic tool by SCoRe Lab for Android smartphones that helps digital forensic investigators throughout the digital forensic...
  • Mayank Meena
    SCoRe Lab's Gitter ChatBot
    Many open-source contributors face challenges to get started with the community's projects. This project aims to make a Gitter chatbot for the...
  • Shyam
    Service Market
    The proposed project will create a fair-ground for service producers and consumers who employ intermediaries to engage with each other. In between...
  • Yash
    Webiu is a “generalized website builder” which magnificently eases the essential process of getting a website up and running easily. The project...