Ruby is object-oriented programming language

The Ruby organization collects mentors and students working on the Ruby language (MRI), the Ruby packaging system (Bundler, RubyGems, and, and other Ruby projects. Any Ruby OSS project is eligible to be included in the Ruby GSOC organization.

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Ruby 2021 Projects

  • Yuki Osaki
    Language Server for RBS
    Implement Language Server for RBS
  • Xinyu Wang
    Optimize Kernel::require API for Ruby 3
    The most frequently used Ruby Core APIs Kernel::require and Kernel::require_relative are doing the same work: it’s to resolve the file path, read the...
  • Rohit Menon
    Ractor-supported libraries
    Ractor is a feature introduced in Ruby 3 that allows parallel execution. However, many Ruby libraries are currently not compatible with Ractor. This...
  • Naoto Ono
    Tests for debugger
    GSoC 2021 Proposal: Tests for debugger Overview debug.rb is a replacement of the traditional lib/debug.rb standard library which is implemented by...
  • Sushanth Rao
    Writing of RBS Files
    Writing of RBS Files Ruby is an extremely easy to use, syntactically elegant, dynamically typed language. Ruby announced the release of RBS, a...