Powerful, modern, open source team chat, complete with apps for every platform.

Zulip is a powerful, open source group chat application. It competes with Slack, IRC, Jabber, and dozens of other team chat tools designed to help teams (whether open source projects or companies) collaborate effectively via its unique threading model. Zulip supports fast search, drag-and-drop file uploads, image previews, group private messages, configurable notifications, missed-message emails, markdown message rendering, and much more -- essentially everything you might want.

Unlike Slack, it’s open source and has a welcoming community of over 700 volunteer contributors. Unlike IRC/Jabber/etc., Zulip is a complete, modern application, with a nice web interface, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and desktop apps for Mac/Linux/Windows. And unlike all other popular group chat tools, Zulip is designed to make conversations more efficient through its unique threading system that helps teams manage large numbers of messages. In particular, Zulip makes it easy to have multiple conversations at the same time with the same groups of people, and easy to catch up on hundreds or thousands of messages quickly without missing anything important.

Zulip is known for its extensive developer documentation (150,000 words and growing!), code quality, and tooling, and thus is the ideal project to work on to learn how to build a high-quality web application. Our goal in the GSoC program is for each successful student to grow into becoming the maintainer of one or more major components by the end of the program.

As an organization, we value high-quality mentorship and high quality product -- you can expect to learn a lot about how to make a large software project successful from disciplined code reviews by highly experienced engineers. Your GSoC experience with the Zulip project will be highly interactive (with daily chat checkins with mentors, experts, and other students), with a focus on teaching you the concepts and reasoning behind how Zulip is engineered and how to make it better.

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  • python
  • react native
  • django
  • typescript
  • electron


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Zulip 2021 Projects

  • Priyansh Garg
    Build GitHub workflow-optimizing action, using GitHub APIs; Add Rocket.Chat import tool
    My first project aims at building a GitHub Action, for optimizing various GitHub related workflows, which will not only help the maintainers in...
  • Aryan Shridhar
    Enhance Recent topic view with Multiselect Dropdown List Widget And Implement Reusable Widgets
    This project aims to revamp the Recent topic view with the addition of Multiselect Dropdown List Widget within Zulip frontend and to enhance it by...
  • Hari Prashant Bhimaraju
    Enhancing the Zulip Terminal Experience
    Zulip Terminal is Zulip’s official terminal client, that provides a text-based user interface (TUI). The goal of this project is to improve the...
  • Suyash Vardhan Mathur
    Enhancing Zulip API Documentation Framework
    The primary aim of this project is to make enhancements to Zulip’s REST API Documentation framework, which allows writing API Documentation based on...
  • Purushottam Tiwari
    Improve stream management, message viewing and left sidebar
    This project aims at improving the workflow for managing streams by improving their editing UI, adding more permission sets, refactor existing...
  • Ganesh Pawar
    Improve tooling, integrations, and testing infrastructure of Zulip
    This project will span multiple high-priority areas of Zulip, some of which include: Zulip has support for older versions of RHEL-based GNU/Linux...
  • Sarthak Garg-1
    Improve User Experience in Zulip Terminal
    ZT (zulip-term) is a TUI-based Zulip client that allows users to chat with each other right from their terminal window, with minimum possible tools....
  • Priyam Seth
    Improving the compose box and the user interface of Zulip web
    The main focus will be on frontend-related issues particularly, compose features, message area, user interface. Besides that, I’ll work on fixing the...
  • Sai Rohitth Chiluka
    Improving the UX of Zulip Terminal
    ZT is Zulip's own Terminal client, which is a one of a kind, user-first and user-friendly TUI based chat application powered by Python module urwid....
  • Zixuan Li
    Improving Zulip Bots and Integrations.
    Zulip provides powerful utility for bots and integrations, but parts of the system (like embedded bots) are still work in progress. To encourage more...
  • Zeeshan Equbal
    Improving Zulip’s terminal interface.
    Zulip-terminal is the official terminal client for Zulip which has been actively developing for the past few years and has already reached a certain...
  • Gaurav Pandey (ligmitz)
    Proposal for Zulip - GSoC 2021
    The proposal for GSoC - Zulip aims to improve the overall experience of the Zulip web app by means of implementing full stack features such as send...
  • Akshat
    Refactor frontend-markdown processor using an extensible CommonMark parser
    Markdown provides a great ability to format messages and write structured documents using plain text format. Zulip uses two different markdown...
  • Priyank Patel
    TypeScript Migration
    I will complete remaining work on TypeScript migration from last summer.
  • Akash Dhiman
    Work on enhancing Zulip's mobile experience.
    This project's primary aim is to tackle high priority issues and features for the mobile app, Allowing users to be more in control of the zulip...
  • Abhijeet Bodas
    Work on making Zulip better for large, high traffic organizations.
    This project aims at making Zulip better by working on features which users in large, high-traffic organizations will find valuable. This mainly...
  • Dinesh Chidipothu
    Work on Message view projects and other issues in the surrounding areas.
    The project primarily focuses on working in the Message view area. They are adding configurability for stream typing indicators, adding read receipts...
  • Riken Shah
    Working on the various high-priority issues to improve Zulip.
    The project focuses on the various high-priority issues to improve Zulip as a project. It includes: Working on new frontend/backend features or...