Open Source Space and Earth Exploration

What is LibreCube?

LibreCube is an initiative to promote open source for space technology. We believe that space exploration should not be restricted to the hands of a few large companies and governments, but that everyone shall be able to contribute to it. Virtually every single person on the planet is fascinated by space – at LibreCube we aim to make it accessible to everyone.

What are the concepts of LibreCube?

It is great to see that a growing number of communities are forming to liberate access to space. However, the unique proposition of LibreCube are its three core pillars:

  • Open Source: Everything we do is made available to the public as free and open source from the start. And we only use free and open source tools for our work – this way, really everyone can get involved!
  • Free and Open Standards: We rely on proven and tested standards for our system designs, with preference for standards from the space domain.
  • Reference Architecture: In order to make all our hardware and software parts to work together and form a system of systems, we use or define standardized interfaces to make it possible to combine and reuse elements for various applications.

How to find out more?

Visit our website at to learn more about what we are currently working on and what is planned.

How to get involved?

Go to our online discussion channel to join the community and let us hear from you!

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  • python
  • micropython
  • zmq
  • mbed


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LibreCube Initiative 2021 Projects

  • Shayan Majumder
    CCSDS File Delivery Protocol in MicroPython
    CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP) is a file transfer protocol for use in space, e.g., between Earth and spacecraft in Earth orbit or...
  • Sidharth Shambu
    CCSDS Space Packet / USLDP Transport Layer for Python and MicroPython
    The SPP and USDLP are the CCSDS recommended protocols used to efficiently transfer space application data through different space-links such as...