We do computer graphics, 3D printing, & develop computer-aided tech (CAx)

This is the place to be if you love or want to learn more about computer graphics. We do 2D/3D modeling, 3D printing, solid geometry, ray tracing, and more. Depending on the project, you'll work with C/C++, Python, OpenGL, OpenCL, Qt, Tcl/Tk, Javascript/Node.js, and so much more... Help us make computer-aided technologies (CAx) to be freely used around the world!

BRL-CAD operates under an umbrella organization with several computer-aided technologies (CAx) including:

  • IfcOpenShell implements IFC, a standard for modeling buildings that integrates with CAD.
  • LibreCAD is a 2D modeling system specializing in blueprint-style drawings and draftings.
  • FreeCAD provides parametric 3D modeling with engineering functionality like FEM and CAM.
  • OpenSCAD is a solid 3D modeler with a rich syntax for programmable geometry.
  • BRL-CAD is a solid modeling system that focuses on high-performance and needs a new GUI.

We want to select at least one student for each, so feel free to ask us where to start.

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  • opencl
  • opengl
  • c/c++
  • python
  • scripting


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BRL-CAD 2021 Projects

  • Artur Tomczak
    Add IDS validation with BCF output to IfcOpenShell
    BuildingSMART organisation is currently working and about to publish new IDS (Information Delivery Specifications) which in simple terms is a...
  • Singh Prabhat
    Adding the Ability To BCF Libraries to connect to BCF API's.
    Integrating existing BCF libraries with the API's so as to perform reading and writing of files .
  • Shiv Charan Sharma
    Automate Reinforcement Process of Slab and Footing in FreeCAD
    This project is to automate reinforcement process of slab and footing by using the Reinforcement Workbench in FreeCAD.
  • Abhishek Rawat
    Generator for offline documentation
    The current documentation for OpenSCAD is available online at WikiBooks for easy access, which also facilitates user edits for improvisation of the...
  • Vikram Atreyapurapu
    Implement UNDO and transactional changes
    I would like to implement the undo function into libged. This will be a significant feature addition to BRL-CAD, giving designers the option to...
  • Amanjot Singh
    Open Geometry Viewer(OGV)
    Open Geometry Viewer is a web-based application to view 3D CAD models on browsers. Users are able to host the model online and comment on others...