Open Technology for Professional Film Production

The goal of the award winning apertus° project is to create free and open technology for todays professional cinema and film production landscape and make all the generated knowledge freely available. It all started with creating an open modular camera system consisting of several hardware and software parts using Elphel™ hardware. Now with the efforts to build the very first open digital cinema camera AXIOM from scratch the apertus° project has evolved to the next level: into a platform for film-makers, creative industry professionals, artists and enthusiasts. apertus° is more than just a software/hardware collection, it's a knowledge library, an ecosystem of people supporting each other and advocating freedom.

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  • fpga
  • linux
  • embedded
  • vhdl
  • c/c++


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apertus° Association 2021 Projects

  • Aman Singh (eppisai)
    AXIOM Remote: Firmware Improvement And Extension
    Firmware as the name suggests is a bridge between User and hardware/features of Axiom Remote. Hence, there is a need for Firmware to follow good...
  • anuejn
    GUI for AXIOM Recorder
    The AXIOM recorder software can record moving images from axiom cameras via either USB3 or Ethernet. Currently, that software is only a CLI tool that...
  • SeifEldeen Emad
    Image Sensor Simulation/Emulation
    The project's main goal is to create a Simulation/Emulation of the CMV12000 sensor currently used in the AXIOM Beta. The HDL could be placed as a...
  • Vinayak Sankar
    Remote Test System for AXIOM Remote
    The AXIOM Remote is a device used to control the AXIOM Beta range of cameras. The aim of this project is to develop an automated test system to test...
  • tpw_rules
    T1220 AXIOM Beta nMigen Support
    nMigen is an HDL toolkit implemented in the Python programming language. By using nMigen instead of traditional HDLs like Verilog or VHDL, gateware...