We build a free and open source 3D creation suite.

Blender is the free/open source 3D creation software for everyone, providing individuals and small teams a complete pipeline for 3D graphics, modeling, animation and games. Blender is being made by 100s of active volunteers from all around the world; by studios and individual artists, professionals and hobbyists, scientists and students, vfx experts and animators, and so on.

All of them are united by an interest to have access to a fully free/open source 3D creation pipeline. Blender Foundation supports and facilitates these goals - even employs a small staff for that - but fully depends on the online community to achieve it.

Since 2005, Blender has organized a dozen short open films and a game project, which helped Blender tremendously to get more accepted by professionals in their daily work. We invite students to think of ways to help us with this further. If your passion is with 3D coding, creativity tools, scientific simulation, or anything related to Computer Graphics in general, feel welcome to join us!

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  • c
  • c++
  • python
  • opengl
  • vulkan


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Blender Foundation 2021 Projects

  • Siddhartha Jejurkar
    Blender - UV editor improvements
    This project aims at improving certain existing UV editor tools and also adding some new features to better support workflows involving UDIM...
  • Cian Jinks
    Blender Knife Tool Improvements
    This proposal aims to bring a selection of much needed improvements to the knife tool in Blender which will better the modelling workflow of the...
  • Ish Bosamiya
    Continued Development on Adaptive Cloth Simulator for Blender
    My GSoC project in 2019, on the Adaptive Cloth Simulator, was an exploration in adding support for parametric on-the-fly remeshing for Blender's...
  • Dilith Jayakody
    Curve Improvements
    Curves in blender have been subject to a number of user requests for improvement from several different aspects. One such request was a new tool that...
  • Soumya
    Display simulation data for rigid bodies and cloth
    The project is about displaying data about the simulations in the view-port so that users and developers can easily understand what is going on. Data...
  • Fabian Schempp
    Porting popular modifiers to Geometry Nodes
    For a long time, the modifier system was the main way to procedurally generate and modify 3D data in Blender. While modifiers can be stacked to...
  • Himanshi Kalra
    Regression Testing of Geometry Nodes
    Following the spirit of Everything Nodes in Blender, the project aims at developing a Testing Framework in place for the Geometry Nodes. Geometry...
  • Aditya Jeppu
    Video Sequence Editor Improvements - Individual strip previews and modification indicators
    The project focuses on the strips (video and image/sequence) in the video sequencer. The main goal is to add a preview of the clip in the...