This work is a partnership between Google, WHO, Ona and other health partners

The Android FHIR SDK is an Android library for building offline-capable, mobile-first healthcare applications using FHIR resources on Android. This SDK will enable the development of a new generation of FHIR native applications in health. These will enable health implementors and standards groups like WHO to develop health guidelines and clinical logic that can be used to configure apps in a standards based approach. The app will also greatly facilitate the interoperability of data across systems and will make it easier to develop health apps based on a shared data model providing much more seamless coordination of care of patients across different health providers.

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  • fhir
  • android
  • kotlin
  • sqlite
  • materialui


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Google FHIR SDK 2021 Projects

  • anubhav sharma
    Android FHIR SDK Peer to Peer transfer
    Develop the device-to-device data transfer functionality on top of the current library. This is supposed to transfer all FHIR resources from one...
  • Fikri Yurcel Milano
    Create Custom Styles in SDC Gallery
    This project will create examples of custom styles in the SDC Gallery app to show how implementers can change the color/style/text appearance of the...
  • Anushka Chakraborty
    Feature Implemetation and Ui Development of Android FHIR
    Designing user-freindly android apps for the users. Implement features to enhance user experience and work on optimization of the apps along with...
  • Aditya Kurkure
    HAPI Struct <> Proto Conversion Tool
    HAPI resources are like conventional data classes that can be serialized into JSON/XML. FHIR proto buffs on the other hand are classes that are used...
  • Deepro Choudhury
    Implementation of FHIRPath for FHIRProto in a Java library
    Create a Java library that implements the FHIRPath graph traversal language (with a FHIRPath Engine) for use with Google's serialization format...