AboutCode is a suite of tools to uncover data ... about software and code:

Our tools are used to help detect and report the origin and license of source code, packages and binaries as well as discover software and package dependencies, and in the future track security vulnerabilities, bugs and other important software package attributes. This is a suite of command line tools, web-based and API servers and desktop applications.

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  • python
  • django
  • javascript
  • postgres


  • Other
  • software composition analysis
  • software packages
  • scanning
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AboutCode 2021 Projects

  • Akanksha Garg
    Detect Unknown Licenses and Indirect License references in ScanCode
    Scancode uses various different techniques to detect licenses based on various multiple sequence alignments ,algorithms ,automations etc. but the...
  • Pratik Dey
    Integrate VirtualCodebase with Deltacode
    The goal of this proposal is to refactor DeltaCode to use Scancode-Toolkit’s Virtual Codebase class. This refactoring will allow DeltaCode to be a...
  • Avishrant Sharma
    Integration of Alternate Code Analysis Tools
    This project aims to provide a way to implement and integrate the likes of Google Licenseclassifier, GitHub Licensee, and other license detection and...
  • Hritik Vijay
    VulnerableCode importers refactoring and addition
    VulnerableCode has a large number of pending tickets that require adding more data sources of known vulnerabilities (aka. importers). As importers...