The immersive programming experience

Pharo is a dynamic, purely object-oriented programming language (everything is an object) in the tradition of Smalltalk. It is also a powerful IDE, focused on simplicity and immediate feedback. Its entire syntax fits on a postcard, and coding can be done directly in the debugger. Pharo has cool tools that empower you and make you highly efficient.

Pharo's goal is to deliver a clean, innovative, free and open-source immersive environment. By providing a stable and small core system, excellent development tools, and maintained releases, Pharo is an attractive platform to build and deploy mission-critical applications.

Pharo fosters a healthy ecosystem developed from both private and commercial contributors who advance and maintain the core system and its external packages.

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Pharo Consortium 2021 Projects

  • Mrinalkanti Roy
    3D CAD scripting using Smalltalk
    In this project, we will attempt to embed FreeCAD into Pharo Smalltalk IDE, such that Smalltalk code can drive FreeCAD directly. With a pure...
  • Laurine Dargaud
    Classes and Methods for Spatial Data
    This project aims to implement "Simple Feature Access" OGC Standards in Pharo. We want to be able to load classical geospatial data files like...
  • Balaji G
    This project aims at adding some missing functionalities in Pharo DataFrame. Implementing the missing features and functionality of Pandas DataFrame...
    Matrix state of the art
    Today, many fields of computational sciences (Data Science, Data Visualization and even Machine Learning), mathematics, engineering, geology and...
  • Rakshit P
    Matrix State of the Art
    There are several matrix implementations in Pharo. This project aims to compare all those implementations on different parameters like run-time,...
  • Alejandra Cossío Ch.
    Refining Code Critics
    Code critics are super important while developing software systems. They help developers to find source code sections which code quality is subject...