A software toolkit for developing applications in Robotics and Computer Vision

JdeRobot is an open source toolkit for Robotics and Computer Vision.

Robotics applications are typically distributed, made up of a collection of concurrent asynchronous components which communicate using some middleware (ROS messages, DDS...). Building robotics applications is a complex task. Integrating existing nodes or libraries, which provide already solved functionality, and using several tools may increase the software robustness and shorten the development time. JdeRobot provides several tools, libraries and reusable nodes. They have been written in C++, Python or JavaScript.

Main JdeRobot features:

  • ROS friendly (full compatible with ROS1-Melodic, ROS1-Noetic and ROS2-Foxy)
  • C++, Python, JavaScript
  • Open source
  • Easy installation from debian, PIP, npm or ROS packages

Our community mainly works on four development areas: 1.- Education in Robotics

  • RoboticsAcademy: a ROS-based framework to learn robotics and computer vision with drones, autonomous cars.... It is a collection of Python programmed exercises for engineering students.
  • Kibotics: a web based framework for teaching robotics to kids and preuniversity students.

2.- Robot Programming Tools

  • VisualCircuit for robot programming with connected blocks, as in electronic circuits, in a visual way
  • VisualStates for robot programming with Finite State Machines in a visual way
  • WebSim2D robot simulator with web technologies
  • PyOnBrowser: a Python to JavaScript converter

3.- MachineLearning in Robotics

  • DetectionStudio tool for evaluation of detection networks (supports TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras...)
  • BehaviorStudio: neural networks for autonomous driving
  • ObjectDetector: neural networks for visual perception

4.- FPGAs in Robotics

  • FPGA-robotics: programming robots with reconfigurable computing (FPGAs) using open tools as IceStudio and Symbiflow. Reusable blocks for robotics applications.
  • NeuralFPGA: running deeplearning networks on FPGAs

We are registered as non-profit organization in Spain Ref.#615800.

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  • tensorflow
  • opencv
  • python


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JdeRobot - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos 2021 Projects

  • Utkarsh A. Mishra
    Behavior Metrics and Deep Learning Studio: Developing and Deploying Deep and Reinforcement Learning for Multiple-Robots
    Behavior Metrics comprises a wide range of robots with the pipeline completely set for various Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning (RL) setups....
  • Shashwat Dalakoti
    Exercise using Deep Learning for Visual Detection
    The main goal of this project is to build a new template and a backend architecture running on a docker container for visual detection exercises....
  • Arkajyoti Basak
    Improve and add to the drone exercises
    The main aim of this project is to improve the environment of the remaining 6 drone exercises and migrate them from ROS-Melodic node-templates based...
  • Chandan
    Migrating industrial robot manipulation exercises to web server
    Robotics Academy is fully oriented to service Robotics and Computer Vision. It comprises a collection of exercises, including recent service robot...
  • Siddharth Saha (trunc8)
    ROS2-RADI and Multi-robot Amazon warehouse exercise in web-based template for ROS2
    JdeRobot's Robotics-Academy has the Single and Multi-robot Amazon Warehouse exercises implemented for the gzweb version using ROS2. I would...
  • Suhas G
    Shifting VisualCircuit to a web server
    VisualCircuit allows users to program robotic intelligence using a visual language which consists of blocks and wires, similar to electronic...