Automate REST APIs. Build next generation API clients.

HydraEcosystem is building a new client-middleware-server stack to allow data published as REST APIs to be easily semantically linked to other repositories in the Linked Data cloud. The organization focuses on providing API designers and developers with automated tools to document, develop and deploy. These tools allow a documentation-first approach that facilitates scaling and maintenance of interoperable nodes in large data repositories. Mentors have four years of experience in leading students to have a productive Summer and get hands-on with Documentation- and Test-driven development; our community is open and collaborative thanks to former students that have become core developers in the past years.

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  • postgresql
  • docker
  • javascript
  • redis
  • python


  • Web
  • semantic web
  • web services
  • linked data
  • knowledge graphs
  • rest apis
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Hydra Ecosystem 2021 Projects

  • Purvansh Singh
    Banking Service with Open Risk and Hydra Ecosystem
    The idea behind the project is to create a hydra-powered REST API that aims to serve the loan portfolio data to various consumers for regulating,...
  • Hasan Faraz Khan
    General Improvements in hydrus
    hydrus is a set of Python based tools for easier and efficient creation of Hypermedia driven REST-APIs. hydrus utilises the power of Linked Data to...