Non profit organization developing the Open Source bibliography manager JabRef

JabRef is one of the most widely used citation and reference management tools. It helps students and researchers to stay on top of their literature by assisting at every step of a research project: collecting and organizing literature sources, discovering the latest research, citing references in LaTeX and other text editors, and sharing interesting papers with collaborators. It is maintained by the non-profit organization JabRef e.V. JabRef is open-source and cross-platform. It is written in Java using JavaFX as the user interface technology. It is licensed under the MIT license.

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  • java
  • javafx
  • bibtex
  • latex
  • typescript


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JabRef e.V. 2021 Projects

  • Benedikt Tutzer
    Improve pdf support in JabRef
    JabRef currently only has limited support to interact with pdfs. It can only read XMP metadata and cannot write metadata at all. Since pdfs are a...
  • Mohit
    Microsoft Word Integration
    This project’s primary goal is to integrate jabref with Microsoft word using an office add-in. That will allow users to speed up the process of...