Bench-routes is an open-source project to analyze performance and monitor APIs.

Reliable monitoring is tough and with the increase in sophistication in modern platforms, the performance of a system tends to affect on a serious note. The applications that run on these systems have the probability of a complete request-response cycle without any errors nowhere close to 1. The existing monitoring tools are tough to capture these events, even in their full potential which is obvious due to the learning curve, lack of a normal end-user based simplicity and missing out on some useful parameters.

Bench-routes is a GUI-powered highly scalable monitoring tool that monitors system services, kernel information, application behaviour and performance of web applications and its routes (API). The design of the project enables it to monitor anything that can be converted to a time-series format that is ingestible by our querier. This increases flexibility and widens the scope of monitoring.

Bench-routes also performs a series of networking algorithms and calculations to find the real-time state of routes in an application.

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  • golang
  • docker
  • react


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Bench-Routes 2021 Projects

  • Tushar Guha Neogi
    Enhanced alerting and scheduling in Bench-routes
    The project comprises of three major ideas Renewing configuartion, Revamping the design pattern and adding Scheduler and Writing Querier package &...
  • Rudraksh Aggarwal
    Revamping the UI
    This project aims at re-implementing the UI for Bench-routes with a user-interface that occupies lesser space and is more compact to look at. Also,...