Lowering the barrier of entry to privacy preserving technology

OpenMined is an open-source and not-for-profit community of over 11,000 academics, engineers, mentors, educators, ethicists and privacy enthusiasts committed to making a fairer more prosperous world by building and teaching privacy enhancing technologies.

Our engineering team builds and curates an ecosystem of open-source privacy enhancing tools that span techniques including homomorphic encryption, secure enclaves, federated learning, differential privacy, zero knowledge proofs and much more.

We have developed and published privacy courses available at courses.openmined.org in collaboration with the United Nations, Oxford University and PyTorch. Our guest speakers include privacy technology titans including Cynthia Dwork (co-inventor of Differential Privacy), Helen Nissenbaum (Context Integrity), Sameer Wagh (lead author of FALCON) and Glen Weyl (Author of Radical Markets and Quadratic Voting).

OpenMined also works closely with industry to solve real-world privacy problems. We are currently investigating projects that will provide great social impact for the world. There is no time like the present to get involved with OpenMined. Join the movement now at slack.openmined.org

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  • python
  • rust
  • pytorch
  • hyperledger aries
  • javascript


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OpenMined 2021 Projects

  • vsquareg
    High Performance Data Channel for Duet
    This project aims at firstly, investigating the performance of the current implementations against its alternatives at various levels of data...
  • Rasswanth S
    Implement FALCON: Honest-Majority Maliciously Secure Framework for Private Deep Learning in SyMPC
    FALCON is the current state-of-the-art Multiparty Computation (MPC) Framework for Private-Deep Learning(PDL).MPC allows mutually distrusting parties...
  • Aditi Verma
    Integrating NumPy into PySyft
    A project to integrate NumPy, the leading package for scientific computations, into PySyft, a library for answering questions with data you cannot...
  • arpitvaghela
    Integrating Pandas into Syft
    The Syft ecosystem allows one to write software that can compute over information you do not own on machines you do not have (total) control over....
  • Param Mirani
    Integrating scikit-learn into Syft
    Openmined's Syft library provides an infrastructure for computing on data you do not own and cannot see. It allows data scientists to work with data...