Improving your Elm experience!

We're an organization focusing on the functional progamming language Elm. We're not working on the compiler, but on things that are related to tooling for the ecosystem and other improvements for users of the language.

So far this organization owns a parser/lexer for Elm, a language server which is in a good state, and additional packages, that make working with Elm a breeze. Most of these are written in Typescript or Elm, but we do have some Haskell too.

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  • elm
  • functional programming
  • typescript


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Elm Tooling 2021 Projects

  • Jinyi
    Improve pure Elm markdown parser
    This project is based on the idea Improve pure Elm markdown parser. As the idea described, some specs of the pure Elm markdown parser...
  • Emma BastÃ¥s
    Integrating performance improvements from the Elm compiler into elm-format
    Elm's de-facto standard source code formatter, elm-format is based on Elm's 0.15 compiler parsing code. Since Elm 0.19 the compilers parsing code has...