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End-to-end acceleration

Built-in fast ML inference and processing accelerated even on common hardware

Build once, deploy anywhere

Unified solution works across Android, iOS, desktop/cloud, web and IoT

Free and open source

Framework and solutions both under Apache 2.0, fully extensible and customizable

Explore what is possible with MediaPipe today:

1- Human Pose Detection and Tracking High-fidelity human body pose tracking, inferring minimum of 25 2D upper-body landmarks from RGB video frames

2- Face Mesh 468 face landmarks in 3D with multi-face support

3- Hand Tracking 21 landmarks in 3D with multi-hand support, based on high-performance palm detection and hand landmark model

4- Holistic Tracking Simultaneous and semantically consistent tracking of 33 pose, 21 per-hand, and 468 facial landmarks

5- Hair Segmentation Super realistic real-time hair recoloring

6- Object Detection and Tracking Detection and tracking of objects in video in a single pipeline

7- Face Detection Ultra lightweight face detector with 6 landmarks and multi-face support

8- Iris Tracking and Depth Estimation Accurate human iris tracking and metric depth estimation without a specialized hardware. Tracks iris, pupil and the eye contour landmarks.

9- 3D Object Detection Detection and 3D pose estimation of everyday objects like shoes and chairs

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Ideas for the projects can be found here.

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  • android
  • ios
  • python
  • javascript
  • c++


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MediaPipe 2021 Projects

  • Ahmed Moorsy
    Arabic Sign Language Recognition
    People with special-needs face a variety of different challenges and barriers that isolate them from their surroundings. Nowadays, several assistive...
  • Pinku Deb Nath
    Build an open-source realtime web video effects app
    MediaPipe fills the gap of handling the implementation of models for different systems and allows the developers to focus more on experimentation...
  • Daniil Pakhomov
    Efficient Realistic Image Manipulation
    In our work, we aim to research, implement and integrate a method that is capable of real-time manipulation of faces on mobile devices like changing...
  • Jiyeon Lee
    Inference Latency Estimator with Ensemble of Regression Models
    Build a offline TFLite GPU inference latency estimator with ensemble of regression models
  • Aniket Ray
    MediaPipe Cross-Platform Solution
    Creating a new cross-platform solution API from an open-sourced ML model so that developers can use the API to integrate an off-the-shelf MediaPipe...
  • Pulkit Midha
    MediaPipe Holistic in Unity
    In this project, I will be building a unity plugin that runs the MediaPipe Holistic model to do animation of a rigged 3D model as shown on this link....