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WikiLoop: tech industry contributing back to greater knowledge community. Google extracts useful information from high-quality sources like Wikipedia and makes use of them. However, it is the Wiki community that created such a giant knowledge base. WikiLoop is an initiative to make tech people contribute back to the greater Wiki community including open knowledge institutions, academia and researchers who are interested in advancing computer-based technologies. With contributor's technical skillset and vision, typical WikiLoop projects help Wikipedia and its sister projects improve their knowledge sources and help the community by empowering humans and bootstrapping machines.

Tibetan Initiative: Preserving Precious Tibetan Buddhist Heritage One of the targets of WikiLoop is to help knowledge institutions to preserve their precious knowledge. Tibetan language and culture is an example that could be benefited from WikiLoop. Tibetan literature contains rich explorations of psychology, spirituality, and human experience continue to serve as a consistent source of inspiration to Western philosophy and psychology, as well as other modern sciences. There are millions of Tibetan speakers around the world. However, the Tibetan language is much underserviced in the digitized world. For example, it lacks modern NLP technologies such as machine translation, and basic NLP foundations such as tokenization. And existing efforts of knowledge preservation are isolated. So it is a good starting point for the WikiLoop project, where things could be connected to make a great impact.

Your GSoC Opportunity We have a list of ideas targeting preserving Tibetan heritage but also could be expanded into a much larger scope by connecting other institutions and communities depending on students' preference.

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Project WikiLoop 2021 Projects

  • Ashish Patel
    Adding Tibetan Calendar in Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) and International Components for Unicode (ICU) library
    The goal of the project is to create some code for International Components for Unicode (ICU) Librariary that compute dates in Tibetan calendar and...
  • Mengan Wang
    First-Ever Tibetan Spell Checker
    The aim of this project is to create a Full-Stack web application that is capable of finding spelling mistakes that anyone across the world can use.
  • Paritosh Singh
    Improving Google Search Result On Buddhist Entities.
    The Buddhist Digital Resource Center has a well-maintained database. The entities present on Wikidata often lack a label in Tibetan language. By...