Modern music server and streamer compatible with Subsonic/Airsonic

Navidrome started in Feburary 2016 as a modern and lightweight alternative to Subsonic: written in Go/React, implementing the subsonic API and thus compatible with all the subsonic clients in the world, licensed under GPL3, … Being relatively young, it does come/use modern development practises like continuous integration, a comprehensive testsuite, a relatively clean codebase, automatic dependency upgrades, automatic linting/CI/static analysis/… on each pull-request, comprehensive documentation … It recently gained popularity due to the decay of Subsonic/Airsonic, and currently has more than 3.5M download of its docker image, and had its binaries downloaded more than 10k times.

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  • react
  • golang
  • ffmpeg


  • Web
  • music
  • web
  • streaming
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Navidrome 2021 Projects

  • Samarjeet Singh
    Infinite Scroll
    Adds a new List component to React Admin which implements infinite scroll to the Navidrome Data Views