Liquid Galaxy is a panoramic system that runs Google Earth across a PC cluster

Liquid Galaxy is a remarkable panoramic system that is tremendously compelling. It started off as a Google 20% project to run Google Earth across a small cluster of PC's and it has grown from there! Open source applications such as the MPlayer video player have been extended to run on Liquid Galaxy.

Liquid Galaxy hardware consists of one or more computers driving multiple displays. Liquid Galaxy applications have been developed using a master/slave architecture. The view orientation of each slave display is configured in reference to the view of the master display. Navigation on the system is done from the master instance and the location on the master is broadcast to the slaves over UDP. The slave instances, knowing their own locations in reference to the master, then change their views accordingly.

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  • python
  • java
  • android
  • machinelearning
  • arduino


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Liquid Galaxy project 2021 Projects

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  • Ferran Delgado Garcia
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    Liquid Galaxy Image Satellite Visualizer
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  • Leonardo Coelho Ruas
    Liquid Galaxy Retro Gaming
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  • Mithil
    Liquid Galaxy Stellarium
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  • Albert Morea
    Orbit Satellite Visualizer for Liquid Galaxy
    Orbit Satellite visualizer and other space related concepts displayed in Liquid Galaxy ecosystem.
  • Karine Pistili
    Reforestation Assistant & Simulator
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    SimpleCMS E.S.
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  • Otávio Oliveira
    Visit the World
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  • Ainhoa Maestro
    The objective of the Visit the World Home edition project is to facilitate access to Liquid Galaxy or a private TV via voice commands, using an...