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Graphics programming is challenging, as is writing fast and reliable graphics drivers.

The Android Graphics Tools team is building and maintaining a suite of tools to help driver makers build fast and reliable drivers - including fuzzing tools to help find bugs early, bug capture and triage tools to help diagnose and fix problems that arise in the wild, and performance analysis tools to help get a handle on bottlenecks.

The team is also focusing on tools to help game developers get to grips with the difficulty of programming modern graphics stacks in Vulkan and OpenGL ES, including debugging and profiling tools.

In addition, a goal of the team is to deliver tools that make it easier for game developers to communicate driver bugs and performance problems to driver makers, via small reproducible tests that can be added to regression test suites. The aim here is to avoid the situation today where game developers tolerate and work around driver bugs, due to the difficulty of identifying the root cause of a problem and isolating a stand-alone repro test.

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  • c++
  • spir-v
  • webgpu
  • opengl
  • java


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Android Graphics Tools Team 2021 Projects

  • Emiljano Gjiriti
    Coverage-guided mutation-based fuzzing for WebGPU
    In this project, I will study WebGPU, the upcoming standard for exposing the capabilities of the GPU hardware in web browsers, and its shading...
  • Shiyu Liu
    Diversity transformation class space and implement Coverage-guided mutation-based fuzzing for WebGPU
    Spir-fuzz is a C++-based tool that automatically finds bugs in Vulkan drivers. It works by transform the original shader into a new one that is...
  • Mostafa Ashraf Mohamed
    Improving support for compute shaders in spirv-fuzz
    project involve adding new transformations to spirv-fuzz tools to improve their support for compute shaders