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Wayback Machine - Turn All References Blue

Contribute to the Turn All References Blue project… with a focus on Wikipedia articles and syllabi. To date we have added more than 15 million Wayback Machine links to articles from 70 Wikipedia language editions. In most cases those links replaced links that had gone bad, that were returning a 404. We have also added more than 750,000 links from Wikipedia articles to digital versions of books available from Archive.org that can be previewed and/or borrowed. We want to expand this effort to include references to our growing collection of serials and journal articles as well as references used in syllabi.

Open Library - The Internet's Librarian

The Open Library (https://openlibrary.org) is an open-source book catalog service run by the non-profit Internet Archive which helps more than 4M patrons borrow 3M books a year. Open Library’s mission is to catalog the world’s books and make them universally accessible and useful. This year, Open Library is looking for an engineer with product and design sense to help us link every learner to the relevant books online.


The Internet Archive BookReader is used to view books from the Internet Archive, integrated with its lending system, and is also used on its own by partners and other third parties. It features multiple view modes, flexible image handling, bookmarks, search, visual controls, and a modular expansion system.

Suggested skills: Javascript, CSS, HTML, git, browser-based debugging tools, UI design principles

Archive.org Front-end Web Components (IAUX)

The Internet Archive has embraced web components using LitElement as a fundamental organizing component of the evolving website at Archive.org. A new front-end architecture is being put in place to simplify and accelerate site development and improve site performance.

Suggested skills: Javascript, CSS, HTML, git, browser-based debugging tools, UI design principles

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  • python
  • javascript
  • hadoop
  • elasticsearch
  • golang


  • Web
  • archiving
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