The ultimate open source team chat and federated communications platform

Rocket.Chat is one of the largest active open source (permissive MIT source license) nodeJS communications platform communities on GitHub, featuring 1200+ global community contributors (across projects) from 30+ countries, 29600+ GitHub stars, 6500 forks, 490+ total releases and 12,000+ issues since inception in 2015.

Rocket.Chat is a modern team chat and collaborating platform written in full-stack JavaScript. Rocket.Chat offers a full featured rich team chat experience on modern browsers, comparable to Slack and Microsoft Teams. Mobile and desktop clients run on iOS, Android, MacOSX, Windows, and Linux. Rocket.Chat server is designed to be scalable from a small family messaging server for 5 users running on a Raspberry Pi 4, to clustered micro-services configuration that can support hundreds of thousands of users. On-premise deployment of Rocket.Chat can ensure 100% complete security and privacy of your valuable communications/data.

Rocket.Chat is now installed on over 500k servers and counts over 12m users worldwide. Rocket.Chat’s long-term vision is to replace email with a real-time federated communications platform globally.

Users can set up Rocket.Chat on cloud or by hosting their own servers on-premises. Thanks to its liberal MIT open source license, Rocket.Chat can be also be forked on Github and becomes a new platform/product altogether.

Rocket.Chat has been designed to be totally extensible. Rocket.Chat Apps is a straightforward way to add features to Rocket.Chat. REST + websocket APIs are available to control and customize various aspects of the server. Chatbot can extend the interactivity of Rocket.Chat and integrate external IT systems.

Rocket.Chat has won multiple prizes such as a 2016 Bossie Award for Best Open Source Application and first prize in the 2017 edition of All Things Open’s Startup Competition.

Rocket.Chat supports over 59 local languages. Rocket.Chat's community interacts 24 x 7 at the community Rocket.Chat server since inception in 2015.

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  • nodejs
  • react
  • react native
  • kubernetes
  • docker


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Rocket.Chat 2021 Projects

  • Jean Staquet
    Add a new channel type
    This project aims to create a new kind of channel where instead of sending messages, users would be able to create task cards with several custom...
  • Yash Rajpal
    App: Bad-Words Filter
    Proposal for App: Bad-Words Filter. Rocket.Chat is Teams collaboration platform where people from different parts of world come together and...
  • Adithya Vardhan
    Channels Discovery
    Currently, there are no social aspects to channels in Rocket.Chat servers. Many public channels aren't visible enough for the users to view and join....
  • Anant Bhasin
    E2E Testing for Android in Rocket.Chat.ReactNative
    The project will focus on getting end-to-end testing for the ReactNative repository fully implemented and running by the end. That encompasses making...
  • Dhruv Jain
    Introduce audio calls to LiveChat
    LiveChat is a small and lightweight application designed to provide B2C communication between agents and website visitors. At present, Rocket.Chat’s...
  • Darshil Patel
    Introducing Ephemeral Channels in Rocket.Chat
    This project aims to implement a special type of channel/room in Rocket Chat. The messages in this channel would vanish after a certain amount of...
  • Allan Juan
    Language Power Tools
    Rocket.Chat has a remarkable internationalization effort. There are dozens of translation files across several apps, many of them with over 4000...
  • Ghulam Ghous
    Omnichannel Project: Live Chat Widget - Accessible Mode
    According to an estimation, over 15% or one billion people of the total world population experience significant disabilities. These disabilities can...
  • Aditya Mitra
    Out Of Office Settings with an Assigning Deputy - GSOC 2021 - Aditya Mitra
    Proposal for integrating Out of Office Settings into the Rocket.Chat codebase.
  • Rohan Lekhwani
    Poll App Mega Extensions
    The Rocket.Chat Poll App is the go-to app for teams and channel members of any Rocket.Chat rooms for a rich interactive poll. It currently offers...
  • Kartik_Gupta
    The main goal behind this project is to create a Rocket.Chat app that adds the support of transcribing previously sent audio messages on demand, and...
  • Rahul Halder
    Voice Channels
    The proposed project gives user the ability to create voice channels that would allow users to quickly enter and leave pre-existing voice calls from...