A complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio & video

FFmpeg is the project behind the technology used by many higher-level audio/video streaming, playback and processing applications and services. FFmpeg provides command line multimedia-processing tools, documentation and a set of paramount libraries that include libavcodec and libavformat, the world's largest collection of free and open source software codecs and de/muxers.

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FFmpeg 2021 Projects

  • luc65r
    FFmpeg x86-64 assembly FFT
    The new frequency transformation infrastructure in libavutil is lacking 64-bit float versions of FFTs and MDCTs for x86. This projects aims at...
  • libavutil is being expanded with a modern way of handling frequency transformation. The project aims to significantly increase the speed of this code...
  • Xuewei Meng
    Guided Filter in FFmpeg
    Dehaze, derain, and denoise are very common image processing tasks, aiming to improve the visual quality of images. Even worse, the low-quality...
  • Mikhail Nitenko
    H264/HEVC ARM64 10-bit assembly
    Modern codecs require handwritten SIMD assembly for good performance, much of this has been implemented for 8-bit depth in h264 and hevc but there...
  • S.M Mukarram Nainar
    TX AArch64 Doubles SIMD Assembly
    I plan to write SIMD assembly for the new tx (transform) subsystem in FFmpeg, targeted at AArch64 for double precision inputs.