Build and learn logic circuits in the cloud!

CircuitVerse is an easy to use digital logic circuit simulator which aims at providing a platform to create, share and learn digital circuits. It can run on almost any device without the need for installing any software. The platform has been designed for use by students, professionals and hobbyists alike. The vision is to grow a community around the platform that will aid students to self-learn digital logic design. Apart from the simulator, users can create, learn, collaborate and share their work. CircuitVerse is currently used by several universities worldwide since it provides features for teachers to create groups and host assignments on the platform. The platform’s impact has been more evident than ever in the Covid 19 pandemic as CircuitVerse enabled schools and colleges to move their courses online.

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  • rails
  • canvas
  • machine learning
  • javascript
  • internationalization


  • Web
  • web
  • simulations
  • pedagogy
  • education
  • digital logic design
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  • Abhishek Zade
    Compatibility for Touch Devices
    Currently, the website just supports desktop is doesn't have compatibility for touch devices. The following features are going to integrate 1.Adding...
    Integration of CircuitVerse with LMS Platforms
    CircuitVerse is an online circuit simulator that can be used as an online classroom companion for circuit simulation related needs of teachers and...
  • Manjot Sidhu
    Interactive Book Integration for Mobile App
    CircuitVerse's Interactive Book is a very helpful learning resource for everyone and expanding it to CircuitVerse's Mobile App will make it a real...
  • Pavan Joshi
    Internationalization of CircuitVerse Platforms
    My aim during GSoC'2021 is to create I18n infrastructure for CircuitVerse so that CircuitVerse platforms can be internationalized into global...
    Project Recommendation System
    The goal of this project is to make a simple and light recommendation system that helps in recommending similar circuits to the users in the most...
  • Ruturaj Mohite
    Refactoring Testbench and Automated Testing
    The Testbench is an important part of digital logic design. Testing circuits manually can be a big hassle especially for professors grading...